Tour for Kids Alberta

Event Day Schedule

Friday, July 17th – Day 1

Cycling distances of 97km, 170km

7:00 am: Cyclists arrive and check-in at Rockpointe Church
8:00 am: Opening ceremonies
8:30 am: Cyclists board busses and shuttle to start depart for Mule Shoe Park or Mosquito Creek Campground

3:00pm – 6:00pm: Arrive at David Thompson Resort! Shower, set-up your tent, visit concierge to shop and grab some snacks, enjoy some local “chicken” and kick back.

6:30pm – 7:30pm: Outdoor BBQ, served in high fashion! Games, fun and music
7:00pm – 10pm: Pub open

10:00 pm: Light’s out. Tomorrow is another great day of cycling!

Saturday, July 18th – Day 2

Cycling distances of 103km or 175km

6:30am: Enjoy a hot breakfast, pack up your luggage & tents load on truck and get ready for day 2 of riding!
8:00am: Morning announcements, stretch and dedication
8:30am: 175km cyclists depart from DTR

8:45am: 103km cyclists depart from DTR 
2:15pm – 6:00pm: Cyclists arrive by shuttle to Camp Kindle. Find your bunk, shower, shop, have some “chicken” and get ready for the evening.

6:30pm -8:00pm: A delicious dinner is served, evening program

10:00pm: Light’s out.

Sunday, July 19th – DAY 3

Cycling distance 59km or 100km

7:00am: Hot breakfast served
7:15am: Pack up luggage and tents, load onto the truck.
8:30am: Morning announcements, group photo (wear your Tour for Kids jersey) stretch and dedication.
9:00am: All riders shuttle to start, depart from Water Valley. The fastest of the fast depart for their extra 40km loop up to Burnt Timber
12:30pm: Cyclists arrive at Rockpointe Church, welcomed by volunteers and team. A BBQ will finish your ride in style
4:00pm: See ya next year!