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About Tour de Vail 2021

Why 14 miles?

Because every $1 raised during Tour de Vail produces $14 worth of good for the community and people recovering from mental illness. 

Tour de Vail is your personal walking challenge to raise money and awareness for mental health recovery. After a year of COVID, mental health is more important than ever!! 

The Challenge: Fundraise for mental health recovery and push yourself to walk 14 miles over 7 days!

14 Miles = 2 miles per day for 7 days!​

The Goal: Together, raise $60,000 for mental illness recovery!

Money raised during Tour de Vail for mental health recovery has 

huge impact on the people served and the community!

Every $1 raised = $14 of societal impact!


Starts at:  July 13, 2020 8:00 AM
Ends at:  July 19, 2020 5:00 PM


In Your Own Neighborhood!


Liam Cofell-Dwyer - Donor Relations Coordinator
(952) 945-4234

How does $1 raised = $14 of societal impact?

Better mental health doesn't just impact one person - it impacts their community too!

An independent study found that for every $1 donated to a Clubhouse, the social return on investment is $14! This is possible because the whole community saves on the costs of hospitalizations, homelessness, joblessness, and more!

Learn more about this and other amazing outcomes of Clubhouse programs at Clubhouse International

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Change people's lives through community-based recovery!

Money raised during Tour de Vail At Home provides people recovering from mental illness critical services that lead to... 

  • Economic stability
  • Safe & affordable housing
  • Community support & engagement
  • Health & wellness
  • ​The numbers are staggering! Last year, Vail Place's targeted case management program participants saw an 84% decrease in hospitalizations! Your fundraising makes a difference!

    Thanks to our generous sponsors