How Your Support Makes a Difference

The Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-op 

The goal of FCA’s Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-op is to provide services to families residing in low-income communities. Children ages 2-5 are provided with childcare which includes experiences to prepare them for school by promoting social, emotional & cognitive growth. While children are safe, parents are working on goals of education employment, benefit eligibility, medical/mental health, substance abuse treatment housing & other identified needs. Without the childcare that the Nursey offers, parents with limited support systems find it almost impossible to attend job interviews, keep doctor appts, attend mental health counseling or improve their employability.

Many if not all our clients have limited resources and struggle financially. It is difficult for clients to work on long term goals when basic needs are limited and minimally met.

Your support will help FCA make a difference by enabling us to establish a richly educational and creative curriculum each month to meet the needs of the pre-school children. Some examples include celebrating holidays together with crafts, story time, food, focus on the arts by embracing music, dance, and literature. 

More About FCA's Family Support Program

Making Lives Better   

FCA exists to make Long Island a better place to live, work and raise a family. Our caring professionals offer assistance to people who are experiencing social, emotional, and economic challenges. 

Family Support

Helping families grow stronger, together.

FCA’s Family Support team provides vital services to children and families who are vulnerable and at risk, homeless or struggling with a host of difficulties including chemical dependency, mental health trauma or lack of resources.

FCA staff empower our youth and families in their decision-making abilities and assist them in developing the skillsets needed to live independently and successfully. The team’s synergy supports best-practice delivery of services utilizing community resources and FCA’s wrap-around services in creating and enhancing successful outcomes.

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All donations will benefit FCA's Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-op