In light of current events surrounding Ukraine and Russia, Lifeline Children’s Services is assisting partners in Ukraine and the surrounding countries who have been displaced or are providing support for those who are. 

We humbly ask you to join us in supporting these ministries and the families impacted by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. 

Due to an outpouring of continued support, we are able to assist in the following ways: 

  • ​A commitment to monthly support REGEN Foundation in Fagaras, Romania. This funding provides housing, utilities, and food for families and children residing at their Horizon of Hope Center. At capacity, Horizon of Hope serves 26 people. 38 have been served thus far.
  • A commitment to monthly support Refugee Transition Center in Iasi, Romania. This center is located at Holy Trinity Church. Funding reflects efforts to provide meals to those in transition, displaced, and in need in Ukraine through their efforts that extend beyond the center itself. 
  • Fully funding the shipment of 285,000 meals in partnership with A Child's Hope International to be delivered through our network member, Bread of Life Ministries, in Bucharest, Romania. Through this network and our partners in Romania, food will be distributed to those displaced as well as delivered into Ukraine. 

Learn More about our Partners in Eurasia 

Heritage Ukraine is an organization serving in the Odessa region. Heritage works with children from at-risk or low-income homes, children with special needs, and children as they graduate from orphanages and transition to independent lives. Through relationships formed by the Global Orphan Care network, our partner REGEN Foundation from Romania is housing families displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

In addition to responding to this crisis, REGEN invests in the lives of vulnerable children and continues to impact their lives until they are independent adults. Through homework clubs, gospel-centered camps, and their Horizon of Hope facility they can help those like the Roma children, a group excluded and discriminated against by many.