Goal - $7,060 (provides food rations for 1,200 families and 3,000 reusable masks to be distributed to the community)

The Shubh Sandesh Foundation is directed by Daniel Ponraj. During the COVID-19 crisis, his ministry is working to provide food and resources to families in need, mobilize first response teams, and equip churches to become COVID-19 resource centers. They also have opened a counseling hotline for people who are experiencing extreme trials amidst COVID-19 disruptions. 

This ministry is one of the few organizations that has full-access to some of the most remote tribal villages, making them the primary source of relief during this time. They also have been called upon by the Indian government to assist in aid relief because of the reputation they have for being excellent resources for those who are hungry and in need. What a testament to the way Christ works through His people! 


Goal - $4,740 (provide for food rations in the community, delivery of those rations, health check-ups for the children, and monthly needs at the center) 

Krupa and his wife, Hannah, run the Hannah Krupa Child Care Center (a school and ministry center for vulnerable children in the area). Krupa also serves as pastor of Hannah Krupa Memorial Church.

When they are not supporting their community during a pandemic, Hannah and Krupa run the center for more than 100 children, using money from Hannah's working salary, and about $100 donated by the church each month. The children live in the surrounding slum and gather together every day at the center.

The Hannah Krupa Child Care Center relies on 35 church families that volunteer at the center or donate toward the day-to-day costs, and another five families that contribute to the church and ministry in other capacities.

We want to support Hannah and Krupa during this time of urgent need as they support the families around them with food rations and love.


Goal - $3,750 (provide for mask-making products to distribute to the community)

Alex Sam and his wife, Sunita, have four children and serve orphaned or vulnerable children through Everett Mission. 

They run a government registered child care institute and two primary level schools that serve poor communities in Pakur, Jharkhand. Alex also works as an evangelist and cares for a small house church in Pakur.

Alex and his team, along with volunteers, have started serving the communities and working alongside the government during the COVID-19 crisis. They have been able to employ 25 families from the area to make masks. The masks are used by sanitation workers, policemen, hospitals, volunteers and NGO staff. Everett Mission is also providing groceries to families in need as India is in lockdown. This has mostly affected rickshaw pullers, taxi drivers and other daily wage laborers.


Goal - $5,000 (provide for 1500 masks, personal hygiene products, and food rations for the community) 

STEPS Children's Home opened in 2007 with three girls who were rescued from difficult circumstances. Today, the ministry is in a new, larger space that can house 19 girls. STEPS seeks to provide a safe, clean living condition for the girls, along with helping provide an education through high school. Most of the girls, who are either orphaned or coming from vulnerable places, attend Anita Methodist school in Chennai, India. STEPS is managed by about seven staff members and the girls are 8-14 years old.

During the COVID-19 crisis there is an increased stress on the team to keep the girls healthy and supported as well as helping those around them that are in great need.

We have already raised $5,000 to support them during this time, but we are looking to raise $3,800 more so that they can begin providing supplies for their community!

(un)adopted® partners with four ministries in India: the Shubh Sandesh Foundation, the Hannah Krupa Child Care Center, STEPS Children’s Home, and Everett Mission.

These partners are currently responding to the COVID-19 crisis in their communities and THEY NEED OUR HELP!

Our goal now is to raise $20,500 to continue supporting them in all of their COVID-19 relief efforts! 

Help us reach this goal by June 30th! 

Each donation matters and is tax deductible! Read more information below about what each of these ministries is in need of.