Goal - $13,500 (provides hygiene products for families that are fostering during this pandemic as well as funds to continue developing church curriculum) 

Renacer Church in Bogota, Colombia is (un)adopted's local partner that works to serve the orphaned and vulnerable children in Colombia. The congregants at Renacer are committed to obeying the biblical mandate to care for vulnerable children, and they do so through their fruitful relationships with both public and private orphanages. They also have created a large support network for foster families, and many of their church members have opened up their homes to foster children. 

In addition, this church also hosts a pastors' conference each year that focuses on guiding local pastors through a study on the biblical mandate to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. 

Along with supplying hygiene products for foster families, the funds raised here will also help support the creation, distribution, and teaching of a new Spanish curriculum that offers guidance on what it looks like for church congregations to care for orphaned and vulnerable children! 

LOS NIÑOS DE LA LUZ (Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic)

Goal - $3,500 (provides two weeks' worth of groceries for families in the community) 

Jon and Shannon Haslett started ministering to "boys of the street," or boys who literally have no one to care for them and live on the street, in Venezuela in 1992. In 1994, they opened the boys' home there. Around 2005 they handed off the direction/ministry to local Venezuelans and moved to the DR to open Los Ninos de La Luz. 

At the home, the boys have the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment where they can learn, play, and come to the knowledge of Christ alongside boys who share similar stories. 

The funds raised through this campaign will go to provide food for the families in their surrounding community!


Goal - $1,000 (provides groceries and supplies for a local orphanages, foster families, and other members of the community) 

Reforma Church in Guatemala works in a variety of ways to minister to orphaned and vulnerable children along with vulnerable families. They do this primarily through two different ministries: "Manos" and "Somos." 

"Manos" is a ministry that supports vulnerable families by providing groceries and supplies to families in need in the town of Bethania. Because COVID-19 has left many members of this community without jobs, "Manos" is working to ease some of the burdens these families are now facing. 

"Somos" is a ministry that is currently supporting 3 orphanages, 2 foster families, and an adoptive family who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. They are currently providing hand sanitizer, diapers, and food to each of these orphanages/families, but they are need of financial support to continue making that happen! 

The $1,000 raised will go to Reforma Church to make sure that each of the ministries they partner with have adequate resources to continue serving those in need! 


Goal - $1,500 (provides masks for the community) 

Masks are few and far between in Costa Rica, making it nearly impossible for people to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The funds from this campaign will go to our local church partner to purchase and distribute masks to their community! 

(un)adopted® partners with four ministries in Latin America: Los Ninos de la Luz in the Dominican Republic, Renacer Church in Colombia, Reforma Church in Guatemala, and a local church in Costa Rica.

These partners are currently responding to the COVID-19 crisis in their communities and THEY NEED OUR HELP! 

Please learn more below and consider giving to help us reach our goal by June 30th. 

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