URM Over the Edge 2022

Our Mission

We embrace people with the compassion of Christ.

How We Help

Emergency Services

URM is one of the nation’s largest providers of continuous emergency  shelter services. We provide comprehensive care for men, women, and 
children experiencing homelessness.

URM is one of the only organizations in Los Angeles that offers help for single men, single women, single mothers with children, single fathers with children, two-parent families, and even families with teenage children experiencing homelessness.

When someone comes to URM, their first stop is Emergency (Guest) Services to meet their immediate physical needs. Our day rooms provide shelter and rest from the streets. Guests can sign up for beds, eat three meals a day, take showers, get haircuts, pick out fresh clothes, and receive medical care. Counseling from our staff is also available to discuss options regarding our recovery programs or other service providers in the area. Learn More

Project Gateway

The Gateway Project is a program designed for single men and women who need more than our Emergency Services to get back on their feet, but who cannot commit to our longer-term and more intensive Christian Life Discipleship Program.

The Gateway Project helps men and women overcome their homelessness by offering them more personalized and comprehensive solutions to the issues affecting their lives. Learn More

Life-Transformation Program

Union Rescue Mission is committed to helping men and women overcome the addictions and other issues that have devastated their lives. It isn’t easy — it takes  time and hard work. We offer men and women the time and help they need in three phases:

Hope Gardens Family Center

We believe no child should be raised on the dangerous, unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. Yet economic circumstances, illness, and abuse are forcing more mothers and children onto the street. The numbers are tragic.

That’s why we created our Hope Gardens Family Center — an oasis of hope on 71 acres in the foothills of Sylmar, California. This transitional housing campus offers sanctuary to single women and children who are experiencing homelessness. In addition, we offer permanent supportive housing for senior women in our Sequoia Lodge.

Hope Gardens helps women transition from homelessness to independence within 12 to 36 months by offering long-term rehabilitation programs, services, and spiritual care.

Precious women and children have a safe place to live while they receive counseling, training, encouragement, and the real help they need to escape homelessness forever. Learn More


In order to truly erase homelessness, it’s important to address all the needs — physical, spiritual, and mental — of every man, woman, and child who comes through our doors.

Several local universities graciously donate their time and expertise to provide free health, dental, psychological, and legal-aid services for our guests. This gives the university students an opportunity to expand their education by serving a population of men and women in our community who are generally abused or ignored.

  • Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
  • USC Dental Clinic
  • Pepperdine Mental Health Clinic
  • Pepperdine Legal Aid Clinic

Learning Center

One of the greatest needs among people experiencing homelessness is education. Lack of education is a significant barrier to independence. But it’s a barrier we can help them overcome through instruction, inspiration, and motivation.

The Learning Center is a multimedia educational facility equipped with 30 online computer terminals and staffed by fully credentialed LAUSD Belmont Adult Day School instructors. Instructors help students develop an Individual Learning Plan and help them work toward their educational goals.

The Learning Center is available for all the men and women in URM’s recovery programs, as well as alumni of URM recovery programs.

We also provide additional vocational education and trade support, such as janitorial services certification, through programs offered from various community partners. Learn More

Angeles House Family Center

Union Rescue Mission's newest facility opened in South Los Angeles on April 14th, 2022. This 3-story, 75,000 square foot facility will house up to 86 families experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. Services that will be offered are:

  • Case Management
  • Counseling & Mental Health Services
  • Medical & Dental Care
  • Onsite Daycare
  • Job Search & Placement
  • Community Job Opportunities

To learn more about URM, visit our website www.urm.org.

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