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About The Longest Drive for The Victory Center

Drive for Victory: Swing into Action for Autism Awareness!

Generous golf enthusiasts and autism advocates! Get ready to take a swing at something extraordinary that will up-the-game of the lives of others.

During April, Autism Awareness Month, as the greens call out to your inner golf greatness, we invite you to join an exciting adventure — Teeing Off for The Victory Center: a Virtual-Golf Drive to Support Autism Let’s all do this! in the name of a cause close to our hearts - supporting The Victory Center and the lives of children with autism. Each year 1 out of every 44 children is diagnosed with autism.

Why Grab Your Golf Clubs for this “Virtual” Drive?

Imagine hitting your all-time longest drive and the crowd going wild. Only this time, the roar comes from your heart, knowing your drive is to help those who we treasure. By rallying your team to raise funds, not only are you crushing that incredible drive, but you are also bringing hope and financial support to all the students at The Victory Center.

Swap the tee box for a magnanimous spirit willing to make a difference and you will score the greatest round you’ve ever had. And the team that raises the most money. . . wins the longest drive and gets to claim the Golden Driver Trophy!

Teeing Off for Autism Awareness

Like golf, The Victory Center's mission is about bridging distances. Reaching the green for every child with autism means navigating the challenges in communication, learning, and social connection for them to par the course. By participating in this virtual tournament, you are not just aiming for the longest drive; you're driving towards a future where every child can thrive, regardless of the bunkers and hazards along the way.

How Your Drive Makes a Difference

Your financial support is the wind beneath our wings - or better yet - the perfect shot to propel our students forward in their lives. The Victory Center’s world class, science-based approach called, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) ensures no child or family navigates their course through life without a pro.

But the reality? These essential programs come at a cost with incredible staff and facilities. Additionally, over half of our families rely on financial assistance. Your fundraising efforts help ensure that no family is left in the rough. Every child is provided a transformative education and support all because of caring individuals like you!

Here's How to Get Involved:

Step 1: Assemble your dream team of fellow fund-raisers and virtual golf buffs.

Step 2: We will create your fundraising page, and you are free to have her infuse it with your team's unique spirit, commitment, and a dash of competitive zest. 

Step 3: Reach out to your network - friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who believes in making a difference, one swing at a time. Share your passion, share your story, and most importantly, share the vision of The Victory Center. 

Step 4: Keep the momentum going! Share updates, celebrate milestones, and keep the conversation about autism awareness alive within your community. 

Step 5: Watch as your efforts translate into life-changing support for the children and families of The Victory Center.

Ready to Swing for the Stars?

This is about more than who can hit the ball the farthest in a virtual world; it's about who can reach the farthest into the hearts of our community. So, grab your virtual clubs, rally your team, and let's make this Longest Virtual-Golf Drive Tournament a Hole-in-one for Autism awareness and support.

We can drive forward, break records, and most importantly, break barriers. Your participation is a lifeline for many. Play to win, win to support, and together, let's champion a cause that truly matters.

Thank you for stepping up to the tee for The Victory Center. Together, we're changing the game for autistic children and their families. Let the fun, fundraising, and fairways to success begin!

Swing into action today - because with every drive, we're one step closer to victory for all. See you on the virtual green!

How can you get involved?

  1. Support the Longest Drive team of your choice: Click on your favorite team and follow the prompts.
  2. Fundraise for your favorite team: Select your favorite team then tell your friends. Encourage them to help your favorite team compete against other teams in the tournament to increase autism awareness!
  3. Make a donation: Click on any of the "Donate" buttons and follow the prompts. You will have the option to designate your donation to an individual or team to show your support. Be sure to share on your social media platforms by using
    the hashtag #AutismTVC2024.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Like our beloved children who have autism that are challenged to be their best every day, we have a competitive spirit too. That’s why we encourage you to help your favorite team get to the top of the leaderboard! Check
back often and help your favorite team win the tournament.

Your Longest Drive donation goes directly to The Victory Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, a school for children and adults with autism.​

All donations are tax deductible. A tax receipt will be provided by The Victory Center.

Why is The Victory Center important for children and families with autism?

What makes our programs unique is that we have a very low student to teacher ratio to ensure each child gets individualized attention which is critical to their learning, growth and well-being.

The Victory Center provides intensive education based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is a scientifically proven, systematic approach to the assessment, treatment, and evaluation of behavior. Three decades of research demonstrate that ABA plays a direct role in improving social and academic behavior, developing functional life skills, nurturing a greater command of language, and decreasing maladaptive behavior such as self-injury and aggression.

Recently, The Victory Center has added an Adult Program for individuals aging out of the education system who need services such as employment training and community support.

How Did the Victory Center Get Started?

Over 20 years ago, Barry and Judi Nelson, the parents of a child with autism found themselves frustrated by the lack of appropriate educational opportunities for their son. After trying public schools and private schools, they found the only effective program was a program based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). With the encouragement of their friend, Dr. Michael Alessandri, The Executive Director of the University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, the Nelsons formed a Board of Directors, established a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, located space, and opened with four students.


The Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) program offers intensive ABA therapy to increase socially significant behavior while decreasing socially inappropriate behavior removing a child’s barriers to community involvement and an enriched life. The program offers individualized Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) based instruction to children ages 2 to 5 in an intensive 1:1 and 2:1 student-to-teacher ratio setting by professionals qualified in areas of behavior analysis, education, and other related services.
The program focuses on implementing individualized grade level instruction that adheres to academic state standards such as Common Core for students ages 6 to 12. Students received individualized teaching and small group instruction on various subjects such as math, science, language arts, and reading. The primary program also focuses on social skills, communication skills, independent living skills, and reduction of maladaptive behavior. Additionally, the program includes individualized fitness components including swimming, yoga, cardio, and strength training.

Teenage through Adult Programs

The program focuses on implementing individualized grade level instructions that adheres to academic state standards such as Common Core for students ages 13-22. Students receive individualized teaching through small group instruction on various subjects such as math, science, language arts, and reading. Additionally, the program includes individualized fitness components including swimming, yoga, cardio, and strength training.

The Vocational Program, unique in the South Florida area, focuses on teaching functional skills that allow an individual to be more independent when he or she transitions to adulthood. This is a center-based program for students ages 13 to 22, which is geared toward students who are unable to obtain a high school diploma and focuses on vocational training and daily living skills. The work is underscored by four primary principles: functional academics, domestic living, vocational training, and community skills.

This program is offered to serve the needs of individuals with disabilities beyond age 22. The program’s objective is to create a level of independency by setting goals, teaching independent living skills, communication skills, and reducing maladaptive behavior. Goals for each student are established and designed during meeting between staff and parents and are monitored throughout the year. The program offers students a variety of experiences including community-based instruction (CBI), job-training, and job placement. Additionally, the program includes individualized fitness components including swimming, yoga, cardio, and strength training.