Virtual Walk for Williams 2021

Dear Friends,

Personally, Williams syndrome has been a major part of my life as I grew up with a younger brother who was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at the age of 2.  His story like many others involved heart surgery at a young age and ongoing medical care. After finding an interest in medicine I've always felt a pull to care for children with Williams Syndrome.  One of the earliest and best resources I found to help learn about and care for people diagnosed with Williams Syndrome came from the WSA.

The WSA is a great resource to provide education to both the healthcare professionals and families. The WSA also provides an amazing outlet for family support for those affected by Williams syndrome.   In fact, they are available to help families from diagnosis and throughout an individual’s lifetime, providing camps, conventions and regional education conferences, webinars with experts, resources for employment and housing, and much more. 

Please join me and every WSA team captain to help increase awareness and raise critical funding for the WSA, and consider creating a fundraising page to share with your networks too. Sharing what your child and the support they receive from WSA means to you with others will expand our reach even further and help the WSA reach their goal this year!

Ben Jacob, PA