8 quick and easy ways to support SitStayRead's Walk-a-palooza

You love SitStayRead and registered to participate in Walk-a-palooza. But now what? Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of 8 quick and easy ways to support SitStayRead.

We get it... Asking for money from people can be intimidating. But we've compiled a list of straightforward ways you can engage your network and get them to support your Walk-a-palooza fundraiser without feeling the stress of "making the ask."

1. Start a Walk-a-palooza Team 

An easy way to begin fundraising is by asking 5-10 friends, family, and neighbors to join you! Each participant's or team's page is loaded with great resources to help you raise awareness of Walk-a-palooza.  You can send templates to invite your family and friends to sponsor or participate alongside you.  You can also connect your social media channels to your fundraising page.  

2. Find walk Sponsors

One great way to engage potential donors is by collecting pledges for the minutes you walk.  Walkers are encouraged to set a personalized goal to incentivize themselves and their supporters. For example, if your fundraising is $250, you can ask people to sponsor one (or more) of your walks for $25. If you get 10 sponsors, you'll reach your goal of $250! 

3. Invest in yourself 

Make the first donation to your page to build momentum for your fundraising campaign. Your donation will automatically show up as a donor on your fundraising page, and it's helpful for your supporters to see that you're supporting SitStayRead.

4. Share your why

Why are you raising money for SitStayRead? Why is this a cause that's important to you? How are you connected to SitStayRead's mission to help advance children's literacy skills? Sharing your why is an essential part of getting buy-in from your network. Whether in person, via email, or on social media, we recommend letting your circle know why you're walking with SitStayRead's Walk-a-palooza. 

5. Get Creative with your ask

Consider explaining your why and then asking for a donation in one of the below ways. 
Will you help me support your readers with a small donation of $15, $25, or $40?
- Can I count on your support to help me reach my fundraising goal? 
- Would you be interested in covering books for one kindergarten student?

6. Pawllywood Squares

Remember that show Hollywood Squares? Here's our fundraiser version. Print or screenshot the fundraising card here. The Squares card offers a mix of $2 to $10 donations. Ask a friend to pick a square or two, donate that amount and cross out the box once they donate. When the card is complete, you'll have raised $200.

7. Celebrate and honor

Ask people to donate "In Honor or In Memory" to celebrate your pet or a pet that is special to you. Make a tribute to a pet that has passed away. Or, in place of gifts, consider asking your friends and family for a birthday or upcoming holiday donations to your fundraiser instead of a gift!

We hope these tips and tricks help you reach your fundraising goal. With your support, we can crush our $15,000 goal! For questions please contact development@sitstayread.org.

8. Company Match

Check with your employer to see if they match philanthropic gifts. Most companies offer an option to match their employees donation. For example, if you give $20, your company might give an additional $20, making your donation stretch even further! Reach out to your HR or CSR representative to learn more about your company's approach to philanthropy. 

We hope these tips and tricks help you reach your fundraising goal. With your support, we can crush our $15,000 goal! For questions please contact development@sitstayread.org.