Date: Sunday, June 12, 2022

Registration: 9 AM CST

Starts at: 10:00 AM CST

Ends at: 1:00 PM CST


Diversey Harbor

2601 North Cannon Drive

Chicago, IL 60614 USA

As we do every year, NANI will sponsor the Walk for Kidneys in Chicago. On June 12th, over 4,000 people will gather in support of those who have kidney disease or have received a kidney transplant. Those who attend are patients, family, friends and supporters of anyone who has struggled with kidney disease. 

Join team NANI and come to support the Walk for Kidneys. It's a family-friendly celebration of passion and progress. This annual event is an incredible opportunity for supporters of the NKFI to come together, show their spirit, and demonstrate their determination to make a difference in the fight against kidney disease.  


  • Registration: It is free to register for Walk for Kidneys. If you'd like to participate, we encourage you to make a donation or organize a fundraising effort as a sign of your commitment to kidney health, research, and education. Q&As for the day.


  • The Route: The Walk steps off from Lincoln Harbor and we'll walk along beautiful Lake Michigan. Map.


  • The Pace: Even though the route is roughly equivalent in length to a 5K, you should expect to embark on an easy-going stroll, rather than an athletic foot-race. Plan to take your time and enjoy your teammates' company.


  • Families and Pets: Involve the whole family - of all ages and species! Just be sure to pack a few poop bags (or diapers!) and water for everyone. 


  • The Weather: Walk for Kidneys takes place rain or shine.

Thank you!