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About Walk for Women Virtual 6K

On average, the African woman walks 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) daily to gather water for her family. This is a daily task for most of the women that work with Field of Hope. 

Sign up and walk on Saturday, May 20th to raise funds and awareness for the women that are enrolled in Field of Hope's Women's Program. Every dollar that is raised will go towards Field of Hope's mission to improve the lives of Ugandans through agriculture - one step at a time. 

Ugandan women walk together and form deep bonds while they are collecting water. Though this task is not easy, these women express joy and gratitude with each step they take throughout their day. While you walk, form a team with friends and family, connect with neighbors, and share the story about Field of Hope's Women's Program. We encourage you to find positivity and simplicity in this empowering walk together. 


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A few things to note...

  • ​The Walk for Women 6K will be held live only on May 20th through social media. We encourage you to walk on this day and complete the 6K by sharing photos or videos of your walk with us! 
  • All registered participants are guaranteed a T-Shirt if registered by May 5th. Participants registering after that date, the T-Shirts are subject to availability and delivery. 
  • We encourage all participants to start of join a team to walk together on this day, just like our women do in Uganda when they walk together to collect water! 

Why Participate?

On average, the African woman walks 6 kilometers per day to gather water for her family... 

Many times, this water is contaminated, yet this will be the water she uses for cooking, drinking, cleaning, washing clothes and bathing. She must carry enough water to complete all of these tasks, but her jerrycan only carries a little over 40 pounds, resulting in her usually making multiple trips – walking over six kilometers with more than 40 pounds of water multiple times in just one day. It’s reported that this walk carrying water will absorb 25% of an African woman’s daily calorific intake.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Field of Hope Ugandan Women's Program 

Seventy-six percent of Ugandan farmers are women who typically have had little to no education in proper and successful farming practices or financial management. Field of Hope is providing basic agronomic training to women in multiple Northern Uganda districts. This training consists of proper agronomic practices and training in pest and disease control, harvest techniques, post-harvest handling, and storage practices. Trainings on animal health and home and business finances also occur. The women have formed cooperatives and are also participating in Village Savings and Loan Associations, where they have access to small loans at reduced interest rates to purchase inputs and equipment. At the end of the saving period, typically in February, women receive the money they have saved, plus the interest earned.

Thank you for being a Champion for Ugandan Women!