YPOP Class of 2022 supporting Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy
YPOP Class of 2022

About the Conservancy

The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is the first nonprofit in the nation to manage and operate an urban park system. The Conservancy cares for 850 acres of Olmsted-designed parks, parkways, circles and smaller spaces.

With more than 1 million visitors each year, Buffalo’s award-winning and internationally-recognized Olmsted parks provide space for physical and mental wellness, safe gathering with family and friends, and enjoying the benefits of nature.

Community engagement and support is an important part of the Conservancy’s mission and advocacy efforts. YPOP seeks to engage the next generation of park users to ensure understanding and appreciation of these historic spaces and their impact on the community, as well as prepare young people for nonprofit service.

When you donate to a YPOP participant's fundraiser, you also support:

The Conservancy's Skilled Workforce

Your gift supports the Conservancy's full-time and seasonal workforce, including systemwide forestry and specialty garden teams, as well as community engagement and advocacy efforts.

Necessary Equipment

Your gift helps the Conservancy invest in quality park equipment to ensure excellent care and worker safety.

Daily Park Maintenance

Park maintenance is so much more than mowing. It includes caring for thousands of trees, growing over 12,000 plants annually, creating sustainable spaces, picking up trash and removing graffiti.

Thank you for sustaining your parks that are sustaining you!

With great excitement, the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy has launched year two of the Young Professionals for Olmsted Parks (YPOP) program. Through this initiative, we seek to nurture and cultivate the next generation of park users and nonprofit leaders. This year's class of over 35 young professionals are already working hard to meet their fundraising goals, and all are extremely grateful for your support of their efforts on behalf of our extraordinary Olmsted parks.


Experience | Learn | Network | Support

YPOP provides unique opportunities for young professionals in Western New York to network with industry and community leaders, learn about the local nonprofit sector, and support the Conservancy's mission to care for Buffalo's Olmsted Parks. YPOP participants will be involved with activities such as a park system tour, volunteer events, networking sessions and fundraising campaigns.


YPOP Provides Participants with

Unique experiences within the Olmsted Park System

Opportunities to learn about the value of the Conservancy

Space to network with board members, local leaders and people of influence 

Room to develop transferrable professional skills

New ways to support the Olmsted Parks through fundraising and friend-raising


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