Fontbonne 2021 Winter Calendar Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

​What does my $20 calendar purchase enter me to win?

By purchasing a calendar for 20 dollars you are entered into our month long raffle which includes 38 days of cash prizes! This year we will be giving away a total of $6,000 in prize money!

​Can I give a calendar as a gift?

Gifting a calendar is a wonderful idea, we think they make perfect stocking stuffers! In order to gift a calendar when you click to purchase your calendar(s) you will be invited to tell us who the recipient is, if your calendar is not a gift you will type your own name, but if it is a gift you will type the name of your recipient. In the event that your recipients name is pulled for a prize we will reach out to you for their contact information to get them their prize! After you purchase your calendar(s) you will get an email with a link to download a printable image of the calendar.

​When will we find out about the winners?

Winners will be announced daily here on this website! After the sale is over we will announce the winners on the homepage. We will pull winners daily from Christmas Day until January 31st. The first winners will be postedwhen we return to school on January 3rd and then daily after that!