The AJF Golf 4 Autism 2023-2024


​THE AJF Golf 4 AUTISM 2023
​1. How much is the registration fee and what does it include? 
You have the option of playing only one round of golf. Please choose the type of registration for which round you will be playing. The registration fee is $250 for one round of golf or $300 for two rounds. This registration fee includes all activities mentioned on Event Schedule page. 
2. Is there a registration deadline? 
Yes. Online registration closes on Friday, October 13th, 2023 at 5 p.m. However, if you are past the registration deadline, late registration will be accepted based upon availability. Please contact us at 215-598-8175 or 
3. What will the format be for the morning and the afternoon round of golf? 
The morning round you will play your best ball. The afternoon round will be a scramble format. 
4. Will the Marathoners be on their own course? 
No, Marathoners will be playing on the same course as the rest of the Golfers. An announcement will be made by the Golf Pro before tee off begins asking golfers to step aside on the course when the Marathoners come through. 
5. Can I secure sponsorship donations even if I am not a marathoner? 
Of course! We appreciate all donations. Make sure to take advantage of the social media and email tools that will be available to you through your fundraising page, once you have registered, to solicit sponsors to donate towards your fundraising goal. 
6. Is my online donation secure? 
Yes. Our website is secured through OneCause, the peer-peer software this site is built on. OneCause offers a secure processing gateway which protects your private information such as passwords and credit card numbers submitted to our website. 
7. Are donations tax deductible? 
Yes. All donations are tax deductible. Once the donation is completed online, the donor will receive a confirmation email that will include their donation summary along with The AJ Foundation's tax identification number. 
8. How do I handle sponsor donations or registrations by cash or check? 
Please mail checks to The AJ Foundation For Children With Autism, P.O. Box 234, Wycombe, PA 18980. If it is a sponsor donation, please indicate which golfer should receive credit for the donation. The donation amount will be uploaded manually onto our website and will be reflected in the golfer's fundraising total. If it is a registration, please include with the check the name and address of the golfer along with whether the golfer is playing in the morning round, afternoon round, or both rounds. Donors will then receive a tax receipt "thank you" letter through the mail.