2023 4/25 Alumni Day Drive supporting Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation
2023 4/25 Alumni Day Drive

About 2023 4/25 Alumni Day Drive

Ways to participate in the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive:

  1. Make a Gift - Click the "Donate Now" button
    No need to register! Making a general gift allows you to support the Leadership Foundation without becoming a fundraiser.

  2. Register as a Participant - Click "Get Involved" in the top navigation bar
    As a participant, you can set up your personal fundraising page to help support the Deltasig Annual Fund, make a donation, share your reason for supporting the Leadership Foundation, add photos, and more! You can then share your personal page via email and social media to gain additional support from brothers, family, friends and more!

  3. Join or Start a Team - Click "Get Involved" in the top navigation bar
    Join other brothers and friends to support a common goal! Together your team can reach even higher goals as we support future Deltasigs! Note: All franchised alumni chapters already have a team page set up. 

  4. Participate in an event - Click "Get Involved" and then "Event Calendar" in top navigation bar
    Join other brothers and friends for in-person or virtual events. View the calendar to find an event near you!


Starts at:  April 22, 2023 11:01 PM
Ends at:  April 25, 2023 10:59 PM




Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation

2023 4/25 Alumni Day Campaign Chair

"The Annual Fund Campaign for ΔΣΠ helps to meet special needs of our Fraternity.  I believe that organizations are either getting better or getting worse; there is no in-between.  Giving to the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive helps many of our chapters with grants to get better!  We need to support efforts to improve chapters and impact the lives of future business leaders."

--Dr. Ronald Vaugh, Tampa (FL)

About The Deltasig Annual Fund

The Deltasig Annual Fund directly supports the Foundation’s mission to generate and provide financial support for Delta Sigma Pi educational and charitable programs, which assists members to achieve excellence within the community. Annual academic scholarships, educational grants, member engagement efforts and philanthropic operations are funded by the Annual Fund.

All donations to the Deltasig Annual Fund, Chapter Leadership Funds, Presidents’ Academy Fund, LEAD Fund or an Endowment Fund are tax deductible.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Deltasig offers our members high-level business education they don't get in the classroom - as well as practical knowledge that will help them launch successful careers such as how to dress for an interview and how to prepare and present yourself. Chapter officers get front-line management experience as our chapters are really small businesses. The benefits do not stop with graduation. In fact, they just begin as Deltasig is not just four short years, but is for life!

A special THANK YOU to the following Delta Sigma Pi Brothers who made a Leadership gift of $1200 or more toward the 2023 4/25 Alumni Day Drive and our donors who have graciously agreed to matching gifts over the next few days.