2023 4/25 Alumni Day Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive?​ The 4/25 Alumni Day Drive fundraising campaign begins at 12:01 a.m. April 23 and ends at 11:59 p.m. (EST) April 25. The purpose of the 2023 4/25 Alumni Day Drive is to celebrate Alumni Day while supporting the Delta Sigma Pi Annual Fund. Our goal is to raise $75,000 for the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund provides Delta Sigma Pi unrestricted funds that go toward the business costs of providing grants and scholarships.

How will the Leadership Foundation use my gift?

Your gift during the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive directly benefits Delta Sigma Pi’s brothers. The Deltasig Annual Fund directly supports the Foundation’s mission to generate and provide financial support for Delta Sigma Pi educational and charitable programs, which assists members to achieve excellence within the community. Annual academic scholarships, educational grants, member engagement efforts and philanthropic operations are funded by the annual fund.

What makes a 4/25 Alumni Day Drive gift special?

Gifts made during the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive are special in a few ways. First, they’ll be posted in real-time on our 4/25 Alumni Day Dashboard where they’ll help your preferred Province advance on the leaderboards. They'll also help unlock special matching gifts throughout the day, meaning your participation in the Challenge stands to make a bigger impact than any other day of the year!

I’ve already supported the Leadership Foundation this year. Will that gift count during the challenge?

While we appreciate your previous gifts, 4/25 Alumni Day Drive participation is limited to gifts made April 23-25, 2023 (or earmarked ahead of time specifically for the occasion).

Can I give by mail or phone?

Staff members are available during regular business hours (8am-5pm Eastern M-F) to accept your gift over the phone at 513-523-1907 x234. To make your gift via mail and have it count toward the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive, it must arrive at the address below by April 25. Please make checks payable to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, indicating in the memo line your gift is for the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive.

Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation
330 South Campus Avenue
Oxford, OH 45056

Is my gift tax-deductible?

The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization which means that all gifts and donations are 100 percent tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. All donations to the Deltasig Annual Fund, Chapter Leadership Funds, Presidents’ Academy Fund, LEAD Fund or an Endowment Fund are tax deductible.

Can I help spread the word?

We’re so glad you asked! Because the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive is an online campaign, that means you can (and will) play a significant role in its ultimate success. Make sure you’re following us on social media for more information and how you can get involved!

What are Ambassadors?
Ambassadors have a simple, yet important mission - spread the word about Delta Sigma Pi days of giving to their social media networks. Ambassadors have access to content, images and badges to utilize in their posts and will help ensure the success of the campaign by increasing the number of alumni, friends and parents who donate to the Foundation through peer-to-peer social media and email. 

Will each alumni chapter have their own fundraising page?
Yes! Each franchised alumni chapter has a team page already set up and ready to customize!

Can anyone set up their own donation page?
We encourage it! Anyone can create their own donation page without being a part of a team. Just click the “Register” button under the “Get Involved” tab on the home page.

I want to support my friend's team, but would prefer to donate to a different fund than they are supporting. Can I pick which fund I'm supporting?
Yes! Each donor chooses which fund their donation supports. 

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Feel free to contact us at foundation@dsp.org or by phone (513-523-1907 x 222) and we promise to fill in any gaps we may have missed here.