2023 Stepping Up To Wellness - Run/Walk

To create your team, select “SIGN UP NOW” then “JOIN OR START A TEAM”.

Then choose “MANAGE YOUR TEAM” to edit your team page. You can update your fundraising goal, add a personal message or add a photo.

When you register as a team captain your team page is created for you/your team. Then, you can ask your colleagues, friends, and family to either:

  • Donate to your team

If someone wants to donate to your team, they go to https://p2p.onecause.com/23cwcstup/home click on DONATE NOW/DONATE TO A PARTICIPANT OR TEAM. They will be prompted to enter your team name and will be directed to your team page to donate. Their donation will be credited to you and your team page.  As additional people donate, your team total will increase.

  • Join your team

If someone wants to join your team, they go to, they go to https://p2p.onecause.com/23cwcstup/home then SIGN UP NOW/JOIN OR START A TEAM. Then they will be prompted to “Find an existing team to join”. After they enter your team name they will directed to registration and will become a member of your team.

When they register as a member of your team, they will get their own fundraising page. Then, they can ask their colleagues, friends and family to either Donate to their page or Join your team.

As people register or donate on their page, all funds raised accumulate on their page AND roll up into YOUR team total. 

As additional people donate and register, your team begins to grow and so does your fundraising!

If you have any questions or need help please contact Gail at gfradin@cancerwellness.org.  Thanks for your support!