A Breath of Hope Lung Run/Walk Florida 2023

Fundraising Tips

You’ve taken the first step and registered for the A Breath of Hope Lung Run/Walk SW Florida. Now it’s time to start fundraising! Your fundraising dollars are vital to increasing lung cancer research and patient support services. Every dollar raised makes a life-saving difference!

We’re here to support you and guide you to fundraising success! View the fundraising tips below to help maximize your fundraising efforts and make an even greater impact.


Getting Started

  • Set up your personal fundraising page
  • Set a goal, share a personal story, upload a photo or video
  • Kick-start your fundraising by making a personal donation
  • Form a team and invite your friends and family to join the cause
  • Remember your inspiration! Share why this cause is important to you

Get Social

  • Share your fundraising page link on your social media channels
  • Ask your friends and family to support your efforts
  • Post frequently! Share a personal story, video, or photos
  • Always thank your donors! Their support is key to your fundraising success
  • Don’t forget to hashtag #HopeinFlorida23

Go Mobile

From your page choose ‘Click here to go mobile’.

  • View your dashboard to track your progress and activity
  • Manage your page and grow your fundraising network
  • Invite friends to join you in one easy click
  • Send messages through email, text, and social media


Facebook Fundraising

Create a Facebook Fundraiser! On average, connected fundraisers raise more than $150 through Facebook.

  • From your fundraising page, click ‘Create a Facebook Fundraiser’
  • Invite your Facebook friends to support your efforts
  • Share a personal message, hashtag #HopeinFlorida23 and click share
  • All donations will be counted toward your individual, team, and event goal


We’ve made it easy to send a quick email to friends and family.

  • On your fundraising page, click ‘Invite Friends to Join You’
  • Use our email template or customize your own message
  • Personalize the email. Share your inspiration and why you support the cause
  • Hit send! Now you’re one step closer to reaching your goal

Communication is Key!

Take the opportunity to share why this cause is important to you. Focus on these key points when asking for support:

  • WHO you are walking for
  • WHY you are fundraising
  • WHAT your fundraising goal is
  • WHEN your fundraising ends
  • HOW your fundraising impacts cancer patients in your community