2019 Archer's Challenge - join us as we make the world more accessible
2019 Archer's Challenge

Words From Our Supporters

“By taking part in Archer’s Challenge last year, I gained an important perspective on the obstacles that people in wheelchairs face every day that most of us never notice. I am so grateful to Archer for sharing this experience with me and hope more people take the challenge this year.”  - Mayor Steve Adler
"Archer Hadley represents the best of true Texas grit. With a big dream and the determination to achieve it, Archer rose above the challenges he faced and proved that Texans despite all obstacles—can do anything they set their minds to. It just takes an idea and the guts to strive for it.”   - Governor Greg Abbott

"Archer is an inspiration to me and many others. His dedication to giving back, doing good, and moving us to be the best version of ourselves is transforming communities across the world. Our family is honored to call him a friend and we personally look forward to supporting Archer’s Challenge.”   - Fayruz Benyousef 


We believe that accessibility is a guiding principal, not a minimum standard. We believe our environments reflect the values with which they were created - that an improvement for some is an improvement for all. 

​Archer's Story

Archer was born with Cerebral Palsy and has spent his life in a wheelchair and accepted every challenge that life has thrown his way with perseverance. In high school, Archer created his first Challenge after he met too many obstacles with doors that he could not open on his own. 

His goal was to raise enough funds to install an automatic door while also giving his fellow students and teachers the unique opportunity to spent a day in a wheelchair. His goal of raising $40,000 was quickly surpassed and at the close of his first Challenge he raised a total of $87,000. This was enough funding to install five automatic doors, a new ramp and an overhead roof. With this success, Archer's Challenge was born. 

Today, Archer is a senior at The University of Texas studying to become an accessibility engineer. His hopes are to create a universal standard that goes above and beyond the current minimum requirements that are in place today. He can be found at all of our Challenges, cheering you on!

The Recipe for a Challenge.

During a Challenge we invite our supporters to participate at their jobs, schools, and city establishments. We ask that they trade their walking shoes for a set of wheels and see what life is like for their mobility impaired neighbors. Whether it's students wheeling up and down hills at the University of Texas, or the general public exploring Downtown Austin, there is bound to be more than one chair stopping experience. 

We also offer opportunities with corporations that would like to encourage their employees to take the Challenge and experience what life would be like at their day jobs if they were mobility impaired. Since our beginning, we have worked with H-E-B, Alamo Drafthouse, Google, AISD, and City and State Government officials. We hope that you will join us at our next Challenge!

Interested in hosting a corporate Archer's Challenge at your place of work? We'd love to hear from you! Message us on facebook.com/ArchsChallenge or email us at archer@archerschallenge.org.