Breakaway Cycling Adventure for Kids with Cancer

Challenges & Badges

How to claim badges:

  1. Login to your Breakaway Fundraising page.
    • On your computer, hover over your name in the top right corner and select "Manage my page" from the drop-down menu
    • On your mobile, tap to open the navigation meny and tap on "My Page".
  2. Click on "Complete activities" from the left-hand menu to see the list of challenges.
  3. Find the challenge that you have completed and click on the image.
  4. Follow the instructions to submit your challenge and earn your badge! Some badges may ask you to upload a photo or share a description.
  5. Make sure to click on the "Submit" or "Save" button to complete your challenge.
  6. When you go back to the "Complete activities" page, your challenge should now show a checkmark over top of the challenge image.

Challenge Road for Experienced Roadies or Mountain Bikers!

Century Ride

Cycle 100km or tackle the impressive 162km Imperial Century in one ride.
Minimum distance: 100 or 162km road, 62km MTB
Maximum distance: As far as your legs can safely take you, just remember to save some energy to get home.
Points: 45


Plan a route that maps out the shape of a gold ribbon for childhood cancer and post a screenshot on social media of your completed map. It doesn't have to be perfect!
Minimum distance: 50km road, 25km MTB
Points: 25

Mileage Challenge

Test your personal best! Use Strava to track your clicks over 7 days. Mileage winners will receive a special weekly shout out on the socials, and of course, bragging rights. Mountain bikers, we will look out for you too!
Maximum distance: It is all up to you!
Points: 25

Climb Challenge

Power up those legs and climb 3000m or more of vertical in one week. Make sure that you are tracking using Strava in the Breakaway club to get on the leaderboard. Rise to the challenge and mount your personal vertical best! This goes for you too, MTB’ers.
Minimum distance: Do what you need to do to get in the 3000m vertical!
Maximum distance: Climb, climb, climb!
Points: 25

Loop de Loop

Travel twice around same 40 km loop. Attempt to beat your time on your second loop!
Minimum distance: 80km road, 40km MTB
Maximum distance: It’s your loop, just remember you have to do it twice.
Points: 25

Paparazzi Ride

Take a selfie for every 10km covered. Be safe and share your gallery on your social channels using @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.
Minimum distance: 50km road, 25km MTB
Maximum distance: Remember, it is one selfie for every 10km road/5km MTB – go far and fill up your photo album!
Points: 25

Bike Bingo

Get out on your bike and find as many items as you can to get your Bingo. Your hunt should include–Road: underpass, tunnel, speed bump. MTB: plank bridge, jump, trail sign. All: bridge, switchback, Canadian flag.
Minimum distance: 80km road, 20km MTB
Maximum time: 24 hours
Points: 25

Poker Hand

Use your distance numbers to mark your route and arrive at a winning hand (ie a 1 is an ace, “0” is Queen, no Jacks or Kings). Tricky part? No overlapping and you must start and finish at the same spot. (Example: 88.00 - you are holding a pair of 8’s and a pair of Queens)
Minimum distance: 50km road, 25km MTB
Points: 25

Hardman Ride

Ride it out in nasty weather - take a photo and share the less than ideal conditions of your ride using @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.
Minimum distance: 50km road, 25km MTB
Points: 35

The FUN Lane for leisure cyclists!

Go the Distance

Ride a minimum of 15km in one ride. Plan your route in advance so that you feel comfortable but also challenged!
Minimum distance: 15km
Maximum distance: Go for it! You got this!
Points: 25

Hill Love

Conquer the hill you always avoid. Don't worry if you stop along the way, no one is watching or judging. You can do it!
Minimum distance: 5km
Points: 25

Ride with a View

Find a stunning view on your ride and stop and take a picture to post on social media. Stay safe and don't forget to tag @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer!
Minimum distance: 5km
Points: 25

Support Local

Plan a ride to a local business and stop to support them. Take a picture - tag us and them! A bakery, coffee shop, microbrewery - find a local business in your community to support.
Minimum distance: 5km
Points: 25

Ride Streak

Check the weather and cycle for 3 days in a row. Some routes can be challenging, some can be easy - but commit and achieve the trifecta!
Minimum distance: 5km for each ride
Points: 35

Puddle Jumper

Go out for a bike ride after a good rain and hit all the puddles. During and after pictures are encouraged. Tag @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer so we can see that splash!
Minimum distance: 5km
Points: 25

Switch it Up

Plan a route you have never done before. Pick a manageable distance and ride somewhere outside of your comfort zone.
Minimum distance: 5km
Points: 25

Personal Best

Ride your longest ride ever (time or km). What would be a personal best for you? Reach a goal that inspires you and have fun!
Minimum distance: 15km
Maximum distance: How far can your legs take you? Stay safe and have fun.
Points: 25

Selfie Ride

Take 5 selfies during your ride. Be safe and share your gallery on your social channels using @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer
Minimum distance: 5km
Maximum distance: Depends on how much you like taking selfies!
Points: 25

Take Family Avenue and involve your loved ones!

Get the Scoop

Go for ice cream by bike or on foot. Post a picture of your scoop on your social channels using @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.
Points: 25

Costume Party

Dress up in your favourite costume and go for a bike ride, walk around the neighbourhood, or call your friends or family on Zoom!
Points: 25

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighbourhood and see how many items you can find. Here is a list: Acorn, Oak Leaf, Maple Leaf, Pinecone, Flower, a Bug, a Worm, a Snail, and a Pancake Shaped Rock.
Points: 25

Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course, inside or outside. Keep trying until you hit your best time. Adults and kids are encouraged to give it a try!
Points: 25


Perform a random act of kindness in memory of New Brunswick teen Rebecca Schofield who challenged people to do the same after learning her brain cancer was incurable. Honour her by posting your good deed with the hashtag #beccatoldmeto.
Points: 35

Dance Party

Have a dance party in your kitchen, backyard, or on your street. If you're feeling brave, post your moves on your social channels with @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.
Points: 25

Chalk Art

Draw a picture of your favourite animal, emoji, or an abstract from your imagination. Use as many colours as you can. The bigger, the better! Post and tag @beyondkidscancer, @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.
Points: 25

Go Outside

Go for a 2k walk around your neighbourhood. Wave hello to everyone you pass and cheer on anyone out doing something active.
Points: 25

Camp Out or In!

Spend the night in a fort or a tent. Camp in your living room, on your balcony, or in your backyard!
Points: 25

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

These are unprecedented times for many of us, but for those families already dealing with childhood cancer, its devastating. Our Foundation created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Canadian childhood cancer families in active treatment who have been financially impacted by the current crisis. The need is enormous and we need your help.

We may not be together - but we can ride, have fun, and support kids with cancer.
We recommend solo rides or in very small groups. Please refer to your provincial regulations and guidelines for outdoor cycling here.