Bridge 2 Bridge 2023


21 Mile Run Starting Point Location Map



The Bridge 2 Bridge Marathon of Health starts at the Belle River Bridge on County rd. 22 and West River St. in Belle River. 

The run will start at the bridge and head North down West River St, following all sidewalks, bike lanes and pedestrian paths available. 

Continuing West down Caille Ave. on the South side of the road (Eastbound lane), ensuring to only take up minimal road area, maintaining availability for oncoming motor vehicles. 

Proceed through catwalk opening onto Edgewater Ave. After the intersection at Renaud Line, the road turns into Shoreline Ave. At which point there is a trail on the South Side of the road. 

Continuing over the pedestrian bridge at the end of trail on Shoreline Ave., where the road turns into Lilydale Ave. coming through Puce.

Turn left (heading South on Puce Rd). Cross heading west at lights (when permitted by traffic signal)on County rd. 22. Follow North side (Westbound) side walk along Puce River Bridge and then follow walking/ cycling path toward Old Tecumseh rd.

South side cycling/pedestrian path which is two lanes wide (Eastbound lane) of Old Tecumseh Rd.

Bay St. entrance and Old Tecumseh Rd. (Water/rest/first aid station)

Leffler Park and Old Tecumseh Rd. 

Cross to North side of road at Russel Woods Dr./ Cleophas intersection where road path ends

** Town of Tecumseh begins at Brighton Rd./ Old Tecumseh Bridge**

Crossing at the Brighton intersection to sidewalk on the West side of Brighton road 

Head north at Brighton Rd. intersection, following sidewalk on Brighton Rd. toward Riverside Dr.

Follow the path/sidewalk on Riverside Dr. (South side of road along Beach Grove Golf course)

Cross Riverside Dr. at the roundabout intersection at Riverside Dr. and Manning Rd. to north side of Riverside Dr. Proceed to follow the side walk

Cross Riverside Dr. to south side of the road at Lesperance Rd. and Riverside Dr. intersection. Follow Ganatchio Trail at Riverside and Chene St. (One street west of Lesperance)

**Town of Tecumseh ends and the City of Windsor begins**

The route follows Ganatchio trail for 3.6km until a four-way crossroad point in the trail. We will then veer north toward the sidewalk along the south side of Riverside Dr. 

  • The run will yield to oncoming vehicle traffic at all main intersections. (County Rd. 22 and Old Tecumseh Rd.,in addition to Riverside Dr. E and Manning Rd., Lesperance Rd., Riverdale Ave., Lauzon Rd., Pillette Rd., Strabane Ave., Drouillard Rd., Montreuil Ave., (Hiram Walker), Walker Rd., MAIN CROSSING AT LINCOLN RD to Riverfront Trail (North side closest to Detroit River)

Following the sidewalk on the south side of Riverside Dr. E and cross Lauzon rd. at intersection

Continue along the same side of Riverside Dr., crossing at intersections, following the rules of the road (right of way at pedestrian crossings).

Cross Riverside. Dr. heading North at Lincoln Rd. and Riverside Dr. (West of Hiram Walker property) to begin following the Riverfront Trail.