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$100,000+ Sustaining Partnership 

IMPACT: Your sustaining partnership sends an undeniable message to all families, volunteers, future donors and community members that GiGi’s Playhouse is worthy of their investment.  Whether they are investing their time for their loved ones with Down syndrome, giving their talent as a volunteer, contributing financially, or look to GiGi’s for a source for their future employees, all will follow the lead of the Founding Partners as the true believers in the GiGi’s mission.  You will send a message of credibility, enable sustainability, and reinforce our lifetime commitment to families.


$50,000+ Playhouse Buildout 

IMPACT: GiGi’s Playhouse locations open ready to serve on day 1!  Help support full Playhouse build-out and furnishings.  GiGi’s Playhouse offers a physical brick and mortar place – a place to learn, a place to grow, a place to celebrate, and a place to know you're not alone.  By underwriting our buildout, you will be changing the way an entire community views Down syndrome and creating an environment of acceptance and belief for all who enter.


$25,000 #GenerationG

IMPACT: Be accepting.  Be generous.  Be kind.  That is the message of Generation G.  The GiGi’s mission is to change the way the world views Down syndrome and send a global message of acceptance for all.  Help us fulfill that mission in this community through awareness campaigns, outreach, and marketing materials.   Awareness materials include national calendars, banners, mobile galleries, and booklets for parents, educators, and potential employers of participants with Down syndrome.

$25,000 Get Fit Gym & Supplies 

IMPACT: Adults and children enhance their physical fitness, muscle tone, self-esteem, self-expression and socialization skills through GiGiFIT.  The GiGiFIT program focuses on improving fitness through strength, endurance, joint stability, balance, and movement control. It promotes wellness through nutrition and building self-confidence.  With programs for newborns through adults, the GiGiFIT programs address low muscle tone and joint laxity in individuals with Down syndrome and builds an environment of lifetime physical therapy and fitness.



$10,000 Café G Kitchen 

IMPACT: This beautiful teaching kitchen will provide the opportunity for individuals to learn skills to promote independence and enjoy the pleasure of cooking for themselves and others.  The kitchen is a perfect place for socializing and real-world learning.  Occupational and developmental therapy are key components of this area.

$10,000 Technology Equipment  

IMPACT:  Help our Playhouse run smoothly and safely with up-to-date technology.  We need computers for staff and volunteers, 1-2 televisions to inform and train parents, volunteers, donors and community members. In addition, a security system with video cameras helps to keep participants and volunteers safe. Our music system is essential to in providing a welcoming and celebratory feel at the playhouse.

$10,000 Learning Labs  

IMPACT: Children and adults expand their reading, math skills, speech and language skills, organization skills, self-confidence, and focus through our 1-on-1 Literacy and Math Tutoring and Speech and Language Therapy programs!  Shh... don’t tell them that they’re learning while they think they’re just having fun playing with letters, shapes, manipulatives, games and tactile strategies that teach our participants the way they learn best.


$5,000 Family Room  

IMPACT: The couch is the place of comfort for new parents coming to GiGi’s for the first time.  Often this is the first-time parents hear the words “Congratulations!”  Parents can take it all in, share their journey, fears and hopes.  The family room is also a place for parents to network, observe and share experiences, build acceptance, and find mentors.  The group nature of GiGi’s Playhouse shows parents that that their child has an amazing opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.

$5,000 Therapeutic Play Area  

IMPACT: Children and teenagers with Down syndrome participate in therapeutic play and activities with a variety of equipment, toys and manipulatives to develop motor skills, language skills, and social skills while interacting with their peers and siblings.

$5,000 Club GiGi Teen & Adult Lounge  

IMPACT: This area is geared specifically toward the teen and adult population. This fun, lounge-style atmosphere will host therapeutic programming and games centered on social skills and language development in an age-appropriate setting.  They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even know they are learning!

$5,000 Playhouse Training and Support

IMPACT: We are 99% volunteer run!  Training staff and volunteers takes time and resources, and we’ll gain lots of assistance form the GiGi’s National Office to get this done, but it is not free to execute.  For our staff, board members, and key volunteers, the GiGi’s Annual National Leadership Conference in Chicago is pivotal for training, networking, and gaining inspiration from the 40+ other locations.


$2,500 Sound Stage 

IMPACT: Kids and adults with Down syndrome grow their self-confidence as the center of attention.  Programs include dance, karaoke, theater, and more!  The stage is often the first place a participant tends to go when the first walk through the doors.  The stage is a sign of pure acceptance and knowing that everyone at GiGi’s supports and celebrates you for who you are.

$2,500 Resource Library 

IMPACT: Computer access for attendees encourages learning and exploring for kids and adults alike.  We can teach typing skills, internet safety, appropriate online communication tactics, research skills and more.  In the resource library, parents and other family members can also gain access to up-to-date information about Down syndrome, other community resources, and teaching strategies.


$1,000 – Support a Program 

IMPACT: 100% of GiGi’s programs are free to families and are therapeutic or educational in nature.  Each one is facilitated by a trained volunteer, many of whom are therapists and educators.  Whether the focus is gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social development, speech and language, fitness, or career skills, every program at GiGi’s playhouse is purposeful and progressive.  We focus on the needs specific to the Down syndrome community and teach in a way they learn best.

$1,000 – Community Awareness Event 

IMPACT: Support a community awareness event for new families, volunteers and/or prospective donors to show people what the Playhouse is all about and the impact it makes to families, volunteers and community members.