Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy FTN Fall 2022

Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy FTN Fall 2022 FEED THE NEED
Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy FTN Fall 2022

About CCCA Feed the Need


School students will be influenced by others for over half their lives... 

Given that, there is no greater investment than a Christian Education. 

Why are we fundraising?

We are raising funds in order to bridge the tuition gap and develop long-term financial sustainability.

As we attempt to embrace the extraordinary, we will be tithing back our first fruits by personally packing over 10,000 meals for children in need, with the ultimate hope of sharing the gospel. 

This on-campus mission experience will change lives on our campus and across the globe!

Feed the Need Changes Lives...

During our Feed the Need campaign, we will raise student awareness of Haitian children's poverty and genuine need. Public schools in Haiti are costly to attend and require that all students own and wear a uniform. Combined, these factors make it nearly impossible for lower-class children to attend school. In contrast, Christian schools in Haiti are free, but most parents will not make an effort to send their child unless a daily meal is provided, a luxury for most low-income families. For many Christian school children, the meal supplied will be their only meal daily. Therefore, this meal becomes much more than just nourishment. 

This meal becomes the sole reason they are sent to school each day - a place where they will gain necessary life skills, hear the Gospel, and be shown Christ's love through our ministry partners on the ground. 

Thank you for helping us Feed the Need while funding discipleship!