Chefs Cycle 2022

April 29, 2022
Miracle-Gro & Chefs Cycle

Miracle-Gro is proud to support Chefs Cycle, and every chef and rider working to end childhood hunger. At Miracle-Gro, we know a garden is more than just plants. It's a chance to connect with our community, improve our environment, and make the most out of every piece of earth.

Chefs Cycle is more than just an endurance event - it's a chance to push your limits, ride 200 miles, and raise funds and awareness for an amazing cause. We're super excited to be the refueling station sponsor for Chefs Cycle!

Through our long-term charitable partnership with No Kid Hungry, we aim to spread the joy of gardening and help fight childhood hunger by connecting kids to nutritious food.

That partnership with No Kid Hungry is part of our larger Gro More Good enterprise wide initiative that aims to connect 10 million children to the life-enhancing benefits of gardens and greenspaces by 2023. You can learn more about it HERE.

To support the Miracle-Gro team and help Chefs Cycle reach their goal of raising $500,000, click HERE.

To all the chefs, riders, and other participants - we can't wait to see you in Santa Rosa!


April 8, 2022
WHY I RIDE - Luke Venner's Chefs Cycle story

I grew up in what most would consider a small town in middle America. Shortly before entering middle school my parents divorced and for that first year my mother’s income qualified our family for the “free” school lunch program. All my friends carried meal tickets that had been purchased by their parents and of course we all sat at the same table in the cafeteria together. When it was our table’s turn to enter the lunch line, we assembled at the beginning of the serving area in no particular order until one of the lunch ladies pulled me aside and showed me a list of students on the free lunch program. My name was on it. She quietly informed me that those students were required to eat last and moving forward I would need to take a place at the very end of the line—behind all of my friends! I was mortified. If I had to eat last every day, I would soon have to explain it to everyone at my table and that was NOT an option. I went home that afternoon determined to find a solution. I would declare that I didn’t like the cafeteria food (which was partially true) and start packing my own lunch each day, which I diligently did for the remainder of that school year. Now I would look cool—an elite diner (which my mother still considers me to this day).

While I didn’t grow up food insecure like so many children do, I know what food anxiety feels like. On May 17 and 18, Ill be biking 200 miles in Santa Rosa, Calif., as part of the 2022 Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry ride. I am using my strengths to raise awareness and vital funds to help end childhood hunger in America, and I hope you support me and my ambitious goals by donating to my ride.

Your donation allows us to partner with and support extraordinary leaders across the country through grants that buy critical equipment, guidance that launches meal programs, advocacy that cuts through red tape, and so much more to feed hungry kids.