Clear the Way 2022

Fundraising Resources

Utilize our fundraising resources to help you reach your goals and clear the way for a cure! Every dollar your raise helps to fund increased research, accelerated diagnosis, improved health, and ultimately a cure for PCD.

Fundraising Guide 

Our fundraising guide has ideas and helpful tips to kick off your fundraising for PCD Awareness Month. Click here to check it out and feel free to share with others!

We also have the following materials available that we hope will further support your fundraising efforts: 

PCD Foundation 20th Anniversary fact card

PCD Foundation QR code bookmark

Social Media

Share your photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! In addition to your own photos, please feel free to use the PCD Foundation's Clear the Way images (linked below) as you share your efforts on social media. 

We're here to Clear the Way  image

I'm Helping to Clear the Way image

Clear the Way for Me image

Don't forget to tag the PCD Foundation and #cleartheway4pcd to show your support.