2022 Colon Cancer Challenge


The Colon Cancer Foundation ™ started with the first Colon Cancer Challenge ® in 2003 organized by Dr. Thomas K. Weber - a surgical oncologist - who saw the need for increasing public awareness of colorectal cancer and the ways in which the disease can be prevented as well as the importance of expanding translational research focused on the causes of and improved treatments for colorectal cancer.

For nearly 20 years, the Colon Cancer Foundation (CCF) has been dedicated to advancing colorectal cancer research, education and prevention. Money raised through the Colon Cancer Challenge ® allows CCF to educate patients and physicians about the need for earliest possible colorectal cancer diagnoses, and prevention through our national public awareness and education campaigns.


coloncancerfoundation.org is the place to start if you are looking for resources and more information on preventing colorectal cancer. 

Visit coloncancerfoundation.org to learn more about our ambitious campaign to tell Millions of Americans about the how preventable this disease is and the many test options for screening.