Complete the Fleet Campaign in support of Camp Nokomis and Camp Lawrence
The Merrimack Valley YMCA

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Joyce Grippen, Chief Development Officer
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Island Transportation – the lifeline of YMCA Camp Lawrence and Camp Nokomis

At Merrimack Valley YMCA Camp Lawrence for boys and Camp Nokomis for girls, generations of campers and staff have and continue to laugh, play, develop friendships, build confidence, learn new skills, and create memories. Our programs celebrate the value of each individual and challenge campers and staff to discover their potential.

Living on an island is magical. Anyone who has been a camper at one of our island camps understands this. The magic begins the first time you ride across Lake Winnipesaukee, escorted on The Bear, to a place that will change your life forever.

Thousands of boys and girls make the crossing – both physically and emotionally – returning home more confident, more independent and more prepared to face life’s obstacles. If you understand the value of an island camp experience, please consider supporting the the Fleet Campaign.

Your Gift Matters

Your gift will ensure that campers will continue to experience a safe crossing to our island camps and enjoy a fun, healthy environment on Bear Island by providing the funds necessary to accomplish the following:

1. Retain the Bear as the primary 100-passenger transport vessel by repowering and replacing its engine.

2. Augment the Bear with a mid-sized 30 to 49–passenger boat.

3. Separate passenger services and logistical operations with a logistics boat for cargo and heavy hauling.

4. Provide each camp with a 3-5 person capacity, utility/emergency boat.

5. Purchase program boats for water sports and fun!

YMCA volunteers and staff have embarked on a $2M capital campaign to restore the island camp fleet. When the restoration of our fleet is complete the Camp Lawrence and Camp Nokomis will be prepared to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its campers in the future.

Thank you for your support of our 

Complete the Fleet Campaign.