Fund the Fight to end child sexual abuse
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About Fund the Fight


Child sexual abuse occurs across every community, every race, every religion, and every socioeconomic status. 

With 1 in 10 children being sexually abused before their 18th birthday, the impact on survivors and their loved ones lasts a lifetime.  

In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, and our collective pursuit of a brighter and safer future for all children, Darkness to Light invites you to Fund the Fight to prevent and end child sexual abuse.



Starts at:  March 13, 2024 11:00 PM
Ends at:  April 29, 2024 11:00 PM




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– It's All Hands on Deck –

Now through April 30, your donations will fuel our efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. Here's how:

Your dollars fund the creation and distribution of our adult-focused prevention training, proven to change behavior and create safer spaces for children. We believe that protecting children is an adult’s responsibility, and that through awareness, education, and stigma reduction, children can grow up happy, healthy, and with their boundaries intact. 

Our $15,000 goal will allow us to work closely with unreached communities to provide the tools, resources, and trainings adults need to keep children safe. 

Hear from those with lived experience about how you have the power to Fund the Fight. 

- Become a Spark of Light - 


Looking to make even more of an impact? As a sustaining donor you help us do what no other generation has – embrace our personal role in the prevention of child sexual abuse and spark a cultural change. Simply choose the monthly amount that you’d like to give, complete the donation form, and be sure to check the “Yes, automatically repeat this gift every month” option. 

Monthly giving allows you to spread your support over time while allowing us to have a dependable base of support. 
Start your monthly giving today by clicking here.