Virtual Dance Big Red 2021


What is Virtual Dance Big Red?

Virtual Dance Big Red is a 4 hour student-led fundraising dance event held in the spring. Due to the pandemic, the live event held at Raymond B. Preston Health & Activities Center, Western Kentucky University shift to virtual in 2021. All the money raised goes to Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville. Norton Children's Hospital provides care for more than 185,000 children from Kentucky and Southern Indiana each year. DBR stands for Dance Big Red. To date DBR has raised nearly $300,000 to support Norton Children’s Hospital.

What does "JFK" mean?

"JFK" is an acronym that stands for "Just For Kids"

How long is Dance Big Red?

Virtual DBR is a 4 hour dance fundraising event. Due to COVID-19, the 12 hour live event shifted once again to virtual in 2021. We hope to host DBR live in 2022!!!

Who should I get involved?

There are multiple reasons why it is a great idea to get involved with DBR. For one, it is truly a life-changing experience for everyone who participates. Over the course of all of the fundraising, and that at the event, we learn exactly why we are dancing. When you meet the Norton Children's Hospital families and hear them tell their stories, you know why you're there.

In addition, DBR is a family. Whether you're on a committee or you're at the event as a dancer, everyone is coming together as a community to do something for the community. It is absolutely a special feeling that you get to share with everyone else at DBR.

What does it mean to be a dancer?

The term "dancer" only begins to describe what you'll be doing as a dancer at DBR. While at the event, the goal is to be on your feet the whole time, to stand and dance for those who can't. We honor the Norton Children's Hospital kids who are so strong already fighting by themselves, and we show them that they have some help.

How much money do I need to fundraise in order to dance?

The encouraged fundraising amount is $100 per dancer.

Is it true that all I am allowed to do for the whole event is dance?

While at DBR, you are hardly limited when it comes to what you're doing. Yes, there is a fair amount of dancing. However, the event is filled with other activities: tournaments, games, meeting the NCH families, you name it. There is never a dull moment at DBR, and if you're afraid that you're not the best dancer, don't be. There are dancers of all skill levels at the event and by no means, is it all about dancing.

When is Dance Big Red?

​DBR 2021 will be held February 26 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. CST

Where is Dance Big Red?

DBR is typically held  at the Raymond B. Preston Health & Activities Center, Western Kentucky University, but due to COVID-19 we shift to a virtual platform.

How do I raise my money?

Throughout the year, there are many different fundraising suggestions offered by DBR as a pretty easy way to get a head start on your goal with your friends. Most people also send emails or make phone calls to close friends or family, which is a great way to raise money for the Kids! Tell them why you're doing what you're doing and what DBR is all about and most people are happy to contribute!

Can anyone get involved or do you have to be part of Greek life/other student org? Will I get less out of it if I'm not part of a big organization?

Everyone is welcome! We would love to have as many dancers as possible, if you aren't involved in any organizations, this could be the first organization you join. There are other dancers that aren't a part of other organizations or Greek life. You will learn that you will meet so many other great people and make so many new friends.

What leadership opportunities are there in DBR?

After each event in August and September, people can apply to be on one of the committees for DBR. Throughout the year, these committee members selflessly dedicate their time and efforts to making DBR as successful as possible. Those wanting to make an even larger leadership commitment may apply for DBR Executive Council, which oversees all of the work that the committees do throughout the course of the year.

I'm not a good dancer; why should I do DBR?

By no means is everyone who dances at DBR a great dancer, and by no means is dancing all that happens at DBR. Over the course of the 4 hours, you play games, you learn about the Norton Children's Hospital families who you're dancing for, and so many other things! Yes, there is dancing...but DBR is so much more than that and we encourage you to find out for yourself!

Where does the money go?​​

All money that is raised for DBR goes directly to Norton Children’s Hospital.

Where can I buy official DBR apparel?

A link to our virtual store will be shared on social media in the fall and spring semester.

I don't know if I want to be a dancer or if I have enough time; is there any other way I can still be involved with DBR?

​Absolutely. We strongly encourage everybody who can dance to dance because of the memories that can be made at DBR. In addition, we have several other ways you can get involved if you don't want to dance. If you're interested in more responsibility and more involvement in DBR, every year there is an opportunity to apply to be on a committee or a DBR event volunteer. Both positions are integral parts to the success of DBR.​​

Why donate to DBR?
Since its inception in 2015, DBR has raised nearly $300K for Norton Children's Hospital. DBR is a great cause that was founded over the principle that we "dance for those who can't". Donating to DBR is a great way to give back to the community while showing your support for kids and families at Norton Children's Hospital who serve as an inspiration to all of us.

What activities will be at DBR?

There will a line dance that each dancer learns over the course of the event as well as different dancing activities and games. There will be speeches given by members of DBR committees and families and children from Norton Children's Hospital. There are also pre-DBR events everyone can attended, the majority virtual in 2021.  Keep posted by following us on social media.

What do I need to bring to the virutal event?

Great attitude and high energy !

If someone is writing a check, whom should the check be written to?

Norton Children's Hospital or Norton Children's Hospital Foundation

What's the best way to raise money?

Sending letters out to family and friends is widely considered as one of the best ways to raise your money for the event. Explaining to those who care about you what DBR is and what it means to you is a great way to spread the word about DBR as well as move closer to your fundraising goal!

What were the different represented groups as well as what were some of the other dancers reasoning for getting involved?

There are so many groups represented. There are different groups for each of the different sorority and fraternity Greek houses. There are independent groups that may have dancers at the event. There are freshman who aren't involved in any groups and chose DBR to be their first. Everyone has their own reasons for getting involved and it's really cool to meet people at DBR and ask them why they chose to dance. It is very inspiring and everyone is different.

Do we actually stand the whole time?

Yes, we encourage everyone to stand in honor of those we can't and the doctors who spend four plus hours in surgery

How many people participate in DBR?

The 2021DBR will hopefully be the largest ever. In 2019, we had over 900 dancers, families, sponsors and community supporters in attendance and hundreds attended the virtual event in 2020!  We welcome everyone!!!