Dance Big Red 2022

Dance Little Red

Dance Big Red is honored to work in partnership with high schools to facilitate their ‘mini’ dance events called Dance Little Reds.  

Similar to DBR, high school students raise money for Norton Children’s Hospital by hosting a four hour event with dancing, games, food, etc.! Hosting a mini dance event is an excellent way to empower students to promote positive change within their community, as well as to teach students the value of philanthropy in an engaging way.

If you would like any information on how DBR can assist at your high school’s Dance Little Red or if you have any questions on how to get started, please contact Dana Matukas, Norton Children’s Hospital at   You will be connected to the Dance Little Red Executive/Committee to provide direct support!

Since inception, Dance Little Reds have raised over $51,000 collectively – all for the children at the Norton Children’s Hospital!  We look forward to supporting more Dance Little Reds in 2022!