2022 Easter Seals Drop Zone


How old do I have to be to participate?

On the day of the event, you must be at least 19 years old.

I've never done this before - will I receive any training?

Yes. All participants are encouraged to attend at least one mandatory training session. ​Your training session will take place at an indoor rock climbing gym and you will use the exact same gear in your training that you will use on event day. By the time you get to your event day, you'll be a pro!

How safe is this event?

It's incredibly safe! Our technical crew is highly trained, highly skilled, fully certified and extremely experienced. Their primary function is to ensure your safety at all times. You are required to wear a full body harness, helmet and leather gloves. All the ropes used for your rappel are rated to support over 9,000 lbs and are meticulously inspected after each rappeller. The device you use to control your descent is designed to eliminate user error. If you pull too hard, the device will lock. If you let go of the device, it will lock. If you start to rappel too quickly, the device will lock. If you let go of the rope, the device will lock. It you get tired and want to rest, the device will lock until you reset it and resume your descent. It's extremely safe!

What happens if it's raining, or it's really windy?

If our technical crew determines that conditions are unsafe for rappelling, they will either delay the event until it's safe to go ahead, or they will postpone the event. Every Drop Zone event has a scheduled "rain date".

How long does it take to rappel?

Depending on your comfort level and the height of the building from which you are rappelling, it can take anywhere from about 5 to 15 minutes from top to bottom.

I noticed that Drop Zone participants are referred to as "Superheroes" - does this mean I can wear a Superhero costume?

You bet! In fact, we encourage it. While we want you to get creative with your costume, safety does come first. If you're unsure about your costume, cape or Superhero accessories, feel free to bring these items to your training session and our technical crew will determine if there are any safety concerns. Certain costume pieces or accessories may still need to be removed on the day of the event, depending on the conditions. The rooftop technical crew will make the final call. Rubber soled shoes/boots are also recommended. 

I have a physcial disability. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss your specific abilities, and if required, one of our trained experts will rappel with you to provide assistance.

How early should I arrive before my rappel?

You should arrive about 45 minutes before your rappel. This will give you time to check in, turn in any offline pleges, change into your costume (unless you already rode the skytrain dressed like Spiderman), and get fitted for your harness, helmet, and gloves. You will also have the opportunity to take a final practice rappel down our training wall just to make sure you’re comfortable.

How can my friends and family watch me?

Having your friends, family and community around to support and cheer you on is another favourite part of the event! You can invite them to watch from the ground on the day of your event, and/or they can watch our live stream happening all day on our Facebook page