Frequently Asked Questions

Event Questions 

What is the Easterseals Honor Ride?

The Honor Ride is a way for you and all of us in the community to join together to say THANK YOU to America’s military forces and your personal veteran heroes through an activity, riding your bike.  The family friendly Honor Ride is a self-ride or in-person group bicycle ride of six or 22-miles. Tentative on-site ride is Miami Whitewater Park.

Thre are veterans in Greater Cincinnati who need our help. Funds raised will directly support local veterans who come to Easterseals Military & Veteran Services for a hand-up in their civilian lives.  Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnati has been serving veterans and their families since 2012.

Is this an in-person bike ride event?

Easterseals has chosen a hybrid event for Easterseals Honor Ride on August 20. This means there is a virtual component for your own self-ride and an in-person ride on a park trail (not a road event) for a group ride.  For those who are self-riding, we encourage you to join your family and friends and create your own personal six or 22 mile ride to celebrate and honor veterans! Ride any type of bike on August 20 or the last week of August on a course of your choosing.

Is the Easterseals Honor Ride a competitive event?

The Easterseals Honor Ride is a non-competitive event meant to be inclusive for people of all abilities. We encourage everyone to participate to honor and celebrate veterans. The group 22-mile rides are not recommended for novice riders. The group rides and your own personal ride are self-timed.  There will not be any official ride results.

All participants will receive an event bib to promote the spirit of community support for the brave men and women who have bravely served our country.  

How does it work? 

For virtual riders: On August 20, gather your friends and family and carve out time to ride six or 22 miles to honor our nation’s heroes. Wear your Easterseals Honor Ride event bib (and your event bike shirt if you registered with swag). Let the world know that you are riding to support veterans!

Share your photo on social and use hashtag #ESHR2022 to see join the online community you are a part of!

For on-site group riders: Indicate on your registration that you want to be a part of the group ride community. You will get an additional email from Jackie Sulfridge where you can reserve your space at either location. Only riders who have registered will be eligible to ride in the group rides. Space will be limited due to safety measures.

The group rides will begin in the morning of August 20 with registration beginning at 7:00 a.m.

How do I register? 

Registration is online only at

To sign up individually, click ‘Register as an Individual’. Follow the prompts to create your profile and honor a veteran. Your impact matters! Add a profile photo, fundraising goals and make sure to say WHY you’re riding for veterans.  

To create a team and fundraise for a good cause. Click ‘Join or Start a Team.' Follow the prompts to reach your fundraising goal to honor veterans and help other veterans at the same time. Your impact matters! Add a profile photo, fundraising goals and make sure to say WHY you’re riding for veterans.

 Why is there a cost? 

It is a way to give back to veterans. Your registration fee and your bike ride is a way to show veterans that you care. Fees also help offset the costs of event related expenses, including event swag.

Registration fees are as follows:

Ride in Honor with Swag (6 or 22 miles) $50

Ride in Honor (6 or 22 miles) $19.95

Honor Ribbon $15

Do I have to fundraise? 

No, fundraising is not required to participate. But the funds you raise make impact in the lives of veterans right here in our community. It’s very easy using the registration system, which will cue you on how to ask your network to help you leave no veteran behind!

Where do I park for the on-site group rides? 

Parking information will be shared with on-site group riders who reserve their spot  through Jackie Sulfridge, 

When is packet pick-up?

Registrants who are riding on their own will receive their swag and race bibs in the mail.

On-site group riders will receive their packet at the event 30 minutes prior to the start of the ride. A special gift of Easterseals Honor Ride bike socks will be provided to onsite riders compliments of Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation.

What happens if it rains? 

In the case of rain or inclement weather, the on-site group rides will take place on Sunday, August 21.