Operation Enduring Honor 2023

Each year, Supporting Heroes pays for travel for family members of fallen first responders to attend the national memorial service when their loved one is honored and their name is added to the memorial. Your donation to Operation Enduring Honor helps make this possible.

These ceremonies and related events can play a vital role in healing, and every family deserves to attend regardless of finances. When they touch their loved one's name on the national memorial, be it carved in stone or forged in metal, they will know that honor for their hero did not end when he/she was laid to rest, but it endures. These families need your help.

In 2022, as an unprecedented number of first responders were honored (primarily due to the pandemic), Supporting Heroes funded over $167,000 for travel, lodging, and services in support of grieving family members from our service area (Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri) as they attended the national memorial services and related events. This was substantially higher than our pre-pandemic budget of $35,000 to $50,000. In 2023, unfortunately, the number of heroes to be honored is again unusually high. (Learn more about those who will be honored.)

Due to the extraordinarily high number of line-of-duty deaths in 2020 through 2022 and the high cost of sending families to the national memorial services, our reserve funds are nearly depleted. We desperately need your help. Your contribution will provide the necessary funding for travel and lodging so immediate family members can be present when our nation honors their hero.  ANY amount will help us get closer to our goal. And, if you desire, you can designate your donation in someone's honor or memory.

Donors of $50 or more will receive an Operation Enduring Honor 2023 challenge coin. Donors of $120 or more or $200 or more will also receive a Supporting Heroes 1-Year Membership* -- Individual or Family, respectively. (*New memberships only) 

Together, we can demonstrate that the honor of fallen heroes truly endures. Click DONATE in the menu above to help.

For more information about Supporting Heroes go to www.SupportingHeroes.org