#FDMatch23 supporting Familial Dysautonomia Foundation

Help Us Meet Our Goal of Raising $250,000

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Ways You Can Support #FDMatch23:

DONATEYour gift is worth double, thanks to our matching donors.

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Why support #FDMatch23?

With your support of #FDMatch23, the Foundation can continue to ensure the best and brightest possible future for people living with FD. Your gift to the Foundation’s Fall Crowdfunding Campaign helps fund:

  • Excellent medical care at the Dysautonomia Treatment Center at NYU Langone, both in person and virtually. 
  • FD Research that will help ensure longer and better lives for people with FD; as well as help unlock mysteries of other neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, ALS, and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Supportive services for people with FD and their families, such as the Foundation’s oxygen machine loan program, weekly virtual hang-out groups, and mental health program. 

  • #FDMatch23 Crowdfunding Campaign impacts the FD Foundation and the community we serve by raising funds to enhance and extend the lives of people affected by FD.

    This year's campaign, #FDMatch23, honors FD MOMS: they are caregivers, nurturers, teachers, counselors, cheerleaders, and superheroes. Your gift to #FDMatch23 praises the love, dedication, and advocacy that FD MOMS have shown to their children, families, and the FD community over the years and helps further the mission of the FD Foundation.

    But you don’t have to be a MOM to participate in #FDMatch23—anyone can contribute, fundraise, and help us spread the word!