2021 Find Your Fit Scavenger Hunt

FAQs (Rules of the Game):

  • The objective is to solve all of the scavenger hunt clues, and complete each location's Challenge, individually and as an overall team* and make it back to CAX Fitness to solve the final Challenge in the least amount of time. You’ll do that by solving the clues and visiting unique east downtown Houston locations, then uploading photos, videos, or short answers. You'll have the opportunity to stack your points bank by answering local trivia questions and taking part in bonus challenges. There are also sponsored clues along the way with a chance to snag some swag!

  • Each teammate will be responsible for solving & completing three (3) clues/challenges. How you assign teammates to clues is up to each team's own strategy.

  • FIND YOUR FIT encompasses a large section of east Houston and the only form of transportation allowed is YOU
  • For photo & video clues ONE team member must be visible unless otherwise indicated