The Foreman 7 Project

Follow Brad's Journey!

 With 5 down what's next for Brad?

 Follow Brad's journey as he finishes his last two summits to climb. 

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Why Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization long in history and impact. Created in the early 1900’s the organization focuses on seeking out and engaging at-risk youth in one-to-one mentoring programs. Today, over 300 communities in the US have BBBS affiliates, which together impact more than 300,000 children annually.

Brad and Sandy have been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters for over 20 years. Sandy was first involved with the organization in her role with Wells Fargo Bank and has volunteered for numerous events and projects.

Brad has served on the board of directors for more than 15 years and has served in many leadership positions including Chairperson. Brad has been matched twice as a mentor and still maintains contact with his former littles- well past their high school graduations!

The Foreman 7 Project is a “perfect merge” of many of Brad’s passions.

First and foremost, Brad LOVES life and everything about it. He considers his life a blessing and great adventure. With each new day brings new adventures and new friends.

Those who know Brad knows he has a passion for just about everything. but mostly- politics, friendships, family, faith, and service. He seldom talks about himself, but gets great joy in hearing and cheering others accomplishments and adventures. You can often find regular posts of images of Brad, Sandy and their many friends and family enjoying each other and fun experiences.

That is how this project came about- his passion for hiking/climbing, his passion for his family and friends and his passion for service- Big Brothers Big Sisters.

After a successful 2nd attempt summit of Mt. Denali, Brad realized that over his climbing career, he has completed 4 of the 7 summits. He thought to himself- what’s next? Well- with 4 down, what would it take to do all 7? So began the first piece of the Foreman 7 Project.

The Foreman 7 Project will chronical Brad’s timeline of completing the 7 summits. Each page will highlight the mountain and provide pictures and completion dates for each summit. For upcoming summits, a brief description of the mountain and projected start dates.

When he finally decided to undertake this project, his next thought was how can he engage his friends and family on the journey and how can Big Brothers Big Sisters benefit from this? The Foreman 7 Project was born!

As Brad shares his updates on his progress, he will also be asking friends, family and adventure enthusiasts to support him by providing a tribute gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters.