Summits left to climb!

Mount Everest

Elevation: 29,029 Feet

UPDATE: Brad is leaving on Sunday, April 4th to make his way over to climb Mt. Everest. 

Summit Target Date: May 2021

Mount Carstensz, Papua New Guinea

Elevation: 16,024 Feet

UPDATE: Brad flew all the way there ready for his climb and unfortunately due to circumstances out of his control he couldn't make the climb. He waited for over three weeks to see if some of the closed native upraised issues would settle down, but he wasn't able to get close enough to Carstensz Pyramid.


    NEW Expected Summit: TBD


    Mount Elbrus, Europe

    Elevation: 18,510 Feet

    Completed: 6/18/17 (with Brad’s son Hunter)

    Kilimanjaro, Africa

    Elevation: 19,341 Feet

    Completed: August of 2002 & June of 2008

    Aconcagua, South America

    Elevation: 22,837 Feet

    Completed: January of 2005

    Denali, North America

    Elevation: 20,310 Feet

    Completed: June of 2010

    Mount Vinson, Antarctica

    Elevation: 16,050 Feet

    Completed: January 2020