Give Hope Where You Live


Your hard work and generosity can change lives!

Housing Assistance works with Cape and Islands residents every day who are at risk of losing their homes, or who have become homeless. 92 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to supporting our clients through our many programs and services. 

$5,000 Helps a childcare worker in our THRIVE program with a rent subsidy and financial education. 

$2,500 Covers the cost of improvements that lower a household’s utility bills. 

$1,000 Trains 5 people to advocate for housing in their towns. 

$500 Pays for one week for a family at one of our shelters. 

$250 Provides foreclosure counseling to a household at risk of losing their home.

$100 Allows a homeless individual to spend a night in a hotel room.

$50 Connects people in crisis to services that help them stay safely housed. 

$35 Obtains vital records so that a homeless person can enroll in services (ID, birth certificate, SSN)

Our mission is to strengthen the Cape Cod and Islands region by empowering individuals, fostering community connections, and increasing affordable housing opportunities. We envision a community in which everyone has a safe, stable place to call home and can contribute to a vibrant year-round community.