Andrew Gregory

Andrew Gregory

I'm dedicating my Give'r Project to Noel Salaysay and his lovely family. May he rest in peace.

Toward a world free from cancer

At a time when we are celebrating the sacrifices of front-line health care workers battling to keep us healthy, Covid-19 has meant that countless cancer fundraisers both large and small have been cancelled. 

Cancer doesn’t care about lockdowns and physical distancing restrictions, and your support is the absolute lifeblood of dozens of programs that the Alberta Cancer Foundation invests in to ensure that Albertans facing cancer have a fighting chance.

On April 12th, 2020, the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope, I began a commitment to cover the distance across Canada in under a year...cycling, running, swimming, paddling, hiking and walking to fundraise for cancer research.  I chose to raise $10,000 this year because that is the cost to enroll a cancer patient in a clinical trial.

Because there is no physical event to put on, 100% of your donation will go directly to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Please join me in supporting cancer research, clinical trials and care through the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

How far we've come

On October 11, 2020 I will celebrate 15 years as a cancer survivor. 2020 is our 14th straight year fundraising and riding so that others diagnosed with cancer might be saved the way I was. Along the way we've raised over $100,000 together, and our teams have now raised over $638,000. This is all because of your generosity, and your belief in the cause.

Toward a World Free from Cancer

As an advocate for the cancer community I've said countless times that our goal is "to see a world free from cancer in my lifetime".  From everything I have seen and heard I am convinced we are only 10 short years away from the reality of a world free from cancer...when the overwhelming majority of cancer cases will be curable.

My Story

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer on October of 2005...a diagnosis that only 40 years ago would have been a certain death sentence. Luckily there is more to my story. Because of private funding for cancer research testicular cancer is now curable in over 80% of cases.

After successful surgery and a clean CT scan we opted for regular surveillance - blood tests, x-rays and scans - in the hope of avoiding further treatment. Christmas of 2006 brought the unhappy news of enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen, confirming that the cancer had spread. I was prescribed a 9-week course of chemotherapy after a panel of experts reviewed the results of 2 scans. The treatment was life threatening in itself, with frightening side effects, but I emerged in April battered but with a clean bill of health. Victory.

Having been through diagnosis, surgery, surveillance and chemotherapy I can say from experience how extraordinary our cancer control system is in Canada. My survival is a testament to how important ongoing cancer research is. Cancer research quite literally saved my life.

Please help support ongoing progress by donating through my efforts to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

If you want to join Team Give'r on STRAVA and add your mileage to our goals hit me up on Facebook!  Want to create your own team and support your local cancer centre…Give’r!

Our goal is for Give’r Project to spread across the world until we finally see a World Free From Cancer.

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Thank you for making life better for Albertans and their families facing cancer.

Andrew Gregory

Give'r Project Week 41 Update: 5,840km covered and $5,850 raised!

Andrew Gregory