2020 Virtual Habitat 500: Bike @ Home

David Wolf

David Wolf

Hi everyone,

I’m participating in the 28th Annual Habitat 500 Bike Ride: Bike @ Home this July to support Habitat for Humanity. I’m asking you to support this great organization by making a donation.  This will be my 5th year participating in this ride and will again be raising funds to support the Rice County Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Did you know?

·       2,600 homeowners in Minnesota call a Habitat for Humanity home their own.

·       After moving into their Habitat home, 90% of homeowners feel better about their children’s futures.

·       Because of their reduced use of government assistance, Habitat homeowners in Minnesota save Minnesota taxpayers $6.4-$9.3 million annually.

·       93% of Minnesota Habitat for Humanity homeowners feel better about their futures after moving into their Habitat home.

*     Rice County dedicated their 50th home on 2/6/2020 and their 51st home on 5/15/2020.

With your help, the Habitat for Humanity can continue to provide homes to families and individuals in our area and around the world.

Please make your donation today!

David Wolf