2020 Virtual Habitat 500: Bike @ Home

Larry Walsh

Larry Walsh

Hi everyone, 

This is my first time participating in the 28th Annual Habitat 500 Bike Ride: Bike @ Home this July to support Rice County Habitat for Humanity. I’m asking you to support this great organization by making a donation.

Did you know?

·       2,600 homeowners in Minnesota call a Habitat for Humanity home their own.

·       After moving into their Habitat home, 90% of homeowners feel better about their children’s futures.

·       Because of their reduced use of government assistance, Habitat homeowners in Minnesota save Minnesota taxpayers $6.4-$9.3 million annually.

·       93% of Minnesota Habitat for Humanity homeowners feel better about their futures after moving into their Habitat home.

With your help, the Habitat for Humanity can continue to provide homes to families and individuals in our area and around the world.

Thank you so much for making a donation today!

Larry Walsh