2023 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

Dolly’s Divas


The most important Ride of someone else's life!

Hi Everyone!  This is our SECOND year as a team and we wanted to do what we do best...be extra!  Our team is made up of about 10 experienced/second year Hill-Country Riders, some fired up first time Riders, and a  lot of Hill Pushing Volunteers!  If you don't have a bike...volunteer!  They can raise money, dress up, and have a blast on Ride Day, too! Our team is very open, so if you are looking for one to join, or want someone to volunteer with...let's go! 

Our team is going to ride in the 2023 Hill Country Ride for AIDS, an awesome ride through the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  We have a goal of 40K  (we hit 30k last year!) fundraising for our team alone; it's a big goal, but we wanted to shoot for the stars!  The HCRA has raised more than $11,000,000 for people impacted by HIV and AIDS in our community, and this year we want to help them raise even more.   Our group will be doing parties, bake sales, who knows....maybe even chores!  We just want to put our effort where our hearts are!

Your donation will go directly to 9 local non-profit agencies assisting those in Central Texas affected by HIV and AIDS. There are more people in need than ever before, and the impact this fundraiser makes is huge. 

We would be so grateful for any donation you can share in our efforts to help provide much needed services. 

Dolly’s Divas