Fundraising Tips​​​​

Once you've created your page and set a fundraising goal, you'll see a tab in the "Manage My Page" section that says, "Raise at least $                        ,” (your personal goal will be the dollar amount shown). Click this tab to manage your fundraising efforts.

How can I encourage donations?

  • Make a donation to yourself
  • Set a goal for your page, your team, and challenge your teammates to reach a specific amount. Aim for the 500 Club to get recognition for your efforts, extra swag, and the feeling that you’re making a huge difference in the lives of people in the Mohawk Valley.
  • Share your page link on social media, send an email to your network family and friends), post on LinkedIn, or share with your colleagues.
  • Reach out to businesses you know to sponsor or match your team’s donations.
  • See who your donors are and thank them directly. In your thank you, encourage them to share their contribution to the cause.

Are there other ways I can raise funds for my team?

How can I grow my team?

  • From the "Manage my Page" section, click on the tab with your team name, and invite people to join you through email or social media. You can also post or send a link for your team page, and people can sign up right on the team page.
  • Each team member can create their own fundraising page when they sign up - their fundraising efforts will contribute towards your team goal!

Can I accept offline donations? - Yes! You can accept cash or checks and insert them yourself on your team fundraising page. You can call or email Allison Mitura (315-898-2450 | to set up a drop off time or look out for details on our drop off event closer to the day of the Hike.