SNAP Challenge 2024 supporting Interfaith Food Pantry Network
Interfaith Food Pantry Network

About SNAP Challenge 2024

SNAP Challenge:

By participating in the SNAP Challenge, you can experience the difficult choices that low-income individuals and families are forced to make while food shopping on a limited budget. It will become readily apparent how difficult it is to avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods, and stay healthy with few resources! Through this Challenge, we will raise funds and awareness to support the Interfaith Food Pantry Network as they help fill the gap left by SNAP benefits and provide healthy, nutritious, fresh foods to the Morris County community. 

How it works: 

As participants of the IFPN SNAP Challenge, you will demonstrate to others your personal experience of eating within a budget of $5.89 per person per day, the amount provided by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program) benefits, for 5 consecutive days to:

1. Highlight the effects of lack of access to healthy, nutritious food and provide a platform to share awareness about hunger and food.

2. Understand how limited resources impact daily life; and

3. Fundraise to support IFPN

The Cause:  

100% of the proceeds will go toward improving the health and well-being of local families in need by providing greater access to healthy foods for IFPN clients and our Network Partners.

Step 1: Register

Participate on your own or encourage your family to join you!  Your $25 registration fee goes directly towards your fundraising goal. You're off to a great start!

Step 2: Fundraise

Once you register, you will automatically create a fundraising page with built-in tools to make it easy for you to reach out to family and friends for support. Check out our SNAP Challenge Tips for ideas on how to complete the challenge. Aim high! 100% of the proceeds go to IFPN families in need. Our suggested minimum fundraising goal is $250.

Step 3: Take the Challenge

You are asked to eat on a SNAP benefit budget which is $5.89 per person per day for 5 consecutive days. Please try to limit your use of items existing in your pantry (oils, spices, etc.) unless you factor the cost into your meal. 

Also, please be aware that you can adjust the SNAP Challenge to meet your needs – just keep the intent of the Challenge in mind. For example, if you have dinner out with friends planned, you don’t need to cancel. Just try to eat simply/inexpensively and stick to a prorated SNAP budget for the rest of your meals. 

If you can’t complete the Challenge during the week of July 10-14, you may choose a week or two before or after. We are happy for you to participate, even if it’s on your own timetable!

Important Dates

July 10, 2023: SNAP Challenge begins! Be sure to eat on a SNAP budget and post widely about your experience. 

July 15, 2023: You did it! The SNAP Challenge has ended. 

Late July: Celebratory gathering. Details pending. 

    Participant Awards**

    We will be presenting small awards to SNAP Challenge participants at the celebratory gathering in late July. Stay tuned for details and try to earn the following awards: 

    Top Fundraiser - Highest Dollar Value

    Top Fundraiser - Most Individual Donors

    Top Poster - Most Social Media Posts using #IFPNSNAP23 Hashtag

    Top Chef- Most Gourmet Meal on a SNAP Budget

    Early Bird - First Participant to Register

    Late Worm - Last Participant to Register

      ** You need to use the #IFPNSNAP23 in order to be considered for the social media-based prizes! Otherwise, we can’t guarantee your posts will be seen by us. 



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