Inside Ride: Ottawa Region


Fundraising Strategy

There are literally hundreds of ways to raise money. In fact, if you set your goals, create a plan and follow through, you can be very successful! Think of it as a personal challenge. Think big and be bold. The worst anyone can say is no. More often you’ll find you get exactly what you asked for. Follow these simple tips and watch your fundraising total grow!

Create a plan

Start by creating a list of names of people you know that could be potential donors. The best way to raise funds is to use a combination of techniques. Group potential donors according to where you will approach them for pledges then create a multi-layered plan to reach all of them. For any fundraising activity be sure to clarify the value in the 100% donation model of the foundation.

Start early

Do a little fundraising every week. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal. By getting the word out early, you leave yourself enough time to follow up with potential donors. Be sure to give your contributors a deadline for when funds must be entered. Wherever possible, try to secure funds on the first contact.

Educate your donors

Tell people about The Inside Ride or and your organizations mission and goals. Let them know why you are involved and about your personal fundraising goals. Give them the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of many children with cancer. You’ll find, the more people know about the cause, the more they are willing to give. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE AWESOME POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA.  This website helps you do that. tweet, share, post... #insideride #partywithapurpose.

•       Tell your story – you are helping kids with cancer, ask for their support

•        Text or email a link – send your donation page to family and friends.

•        Ask your folks or relatives to email their colleagues

•        Tweet the news! 

•        Post on your FB page, and Insta,  like and follow The Inside Ride page

Recruit others

You don’t have to do it alone. By asking friends and family to help you raise funds, you can multiply your donations. Make copies of your pledge form and distribute them to willing recruits or ask friends or family to help you plan a fundraising event. Even asking people to talk about the event and your participation will help raise awareness. Every little bit counts.

Ask! Ask! Ask!

People won’t donate if you don’t ask them. Everyone is a potential donor. Don’t think of fundraising as asking people to give you money. Think of fundraising as giving people an opportunity to be a part of something wonderful – improving the quality of life for children with cancer in their community

Follow Up

Be sure to follow up and send reminders to those you have approached for a donation. Often times, people simply forget. Make a quick phone call or send a quick email reminder. Make sure you keep details of everyone who has supported you or shown interest. This will make it easier to track for follow up and to find likely donors for The Inside Ride next year.

Thank your donors

It is good practice to thank your donors once your fundraising campaign is complete. Follow up with an email or phone call to let them know how much you raised and how their pledge helped you to achieve your goals. You’ll be surprised how much donors appreciate the effort and will be more willing to donate the next time.

Fundraising Ideas

For schools…

Start by asking your friends to participate in The Inside Ride or your fundraising efforts. If they are not registered to ride, ask them to support the cause by donating to your effort

Hold an approved fundraising event at school with your team or a group effort with all the registered teams.

Here are some creative School event ideas to help get you started:

Staff/Admin incentive activity - have one of your teachers or administration agree to do "something" if the school reaches specific fundraising goals. i.e Mr. Smith agrees to shave his head/beard/legs etc..., Ms. Wong agrees to dye her hair purple/wear a chicken onesie/sing karaoke in the cafeteria etc... 

Car Wash – offer to wash your friends’ and teachers’ cars in the school parking lot for a small fee.

Candy-Grams – purchase candy in bulk. Take orders from your fellow students to send the candy with a note to a fellow student on a particular day. Sell the candy-grams for a twoonie.

Bake Sale – recruit students and teachers to bake their favourite treats. Hold a sale in the school cafeteria during lunch period. Sell baked good for a $1 to $2.

Used Book Sale – get your team to ask their friends, family and neighbours to donate books/magazines they are no longer using and sell them at school for a few dollars each.

Civies Day/Theme dress Day – ask your principal to allow an official The Inside Ride Casual Day. For the privilege of dressing casual or following a certain theme, students make a donation of $5.

50/50 Draw – sell tickets for a lottery draw where one half of the pot will go to the winning ticket holder and the other half will go to the The Inside Ride.

Student for hire – auction off students for a full-day of services to other students for $25. The student will have to assist the student with the appropriate tasks such as carrying books, cleaning their locker, taking notes in class, standing in line for their lunch, etc.

Pasta Lunch or Pancake Breakfast – It’s inexpensive and easy to make. Coordinate a Lunch or Breakfast Day at school, charge $5 a plate.

Guitar Hero or Karaoke Music Session – charge  $2 for students to play during lunch in the cafeteria/after school.

Clothing Sale – students to donate gently worn clothes. Have a clothing sale at school. Maybe tie in a fashion show of the donated clothes and charge admittance?

Buy out - Ask school admin to allow a buy out of class to watch The Inside Ride on event day for those not participating. Or collect admission for other school events such as sports games and donate proceeds to The Inside Ride 

For home...

Movie Party – host a movie party at your house. Rent a new release on and app like " Cineplex Store" , make popcorn, and invite your friends over for a movie night. Ask them to donate event 50% of what they would have spent if they had gone to the movie theatre.

Start a spare change box at home – ask your family to contribute their extra coins.

Birthday party/Substitute gifts – host a birthday party at your house and encourage donations instead of gifts.

Around the neighbourhood…

Keep a print version of the donation form on hand, in your bag or pocket at all times. You never know when you’ll encounter a potential donor!

Used book sale – ask your friends, family and neighbours to donate books/magazines they are no longer using and sell them for a few dollars each.

Garage sale – clean out your closet and basement and host a garage sale on your driveway for the neighbours. Price items fairly according to what their value and let people know that all proceeds are going to charity. Who knows, they may even pay more than the asking price.

Car wash – offer to wash your neighbours cars for a small fee.

Snow shoveling – offer to shovel your neighbour’s driveway for a fee. The heavier the snowfall, the more donation money you should make.