It's Time act for animals
Shedd's dedicated animal caretakers are on site caring for our animal residents 24/7. From routine medical exams to enriching activities, our staff is making sure that, while we humans may notice a shift in Shedd's day-to-day operations, our animals will just notice business as usual. care for conservation
While we practice social distancing, we can still take action to protect our planet from threats like climate change. Even in the midst of these unprecedented times, Shedd’s conservation teams are continuing their important field work and publishing important new research results. spark curiosity

We face an unprecedented time when Shedd needs additional support to ensure the continuation of our learning programs. Those rich, in-person experiences are as accessible as they have been in the past and unfortunately student and family audiences have never had a greater need for unique and engaging learning content that sparks compassion and curiosity for the aquatic animal world.