Knobby Tire Trek for Kids

Camp Trillium - Childhood Cancer Support Centre

Camp Trillium offers year-round recreational experiences to bring children with cancer and their families together during one of the scariest and most vulnerable times in their lives.  

Camp Trillium provides an environment that normalizes relationships and experiences by helping children and their families in the healing process and enhancing their quality of life through fun, engaging and group activities. From lake swimming to ropes-course climbing, to mask-making to campfire sing-alongs, Camp Trillium puts fun and normalcy back in the lives of families impacted by childhood cancer. 

Money raised from the Knobby Tire Trek for Kids event will support Camp Trillium's programming at their Our Island location in Picton.

Just Be You  - Peer to Peer Mental Health Support Program

Just Be You

Just Be You is a youth-led, social-recreational peer to peer mental health support program for individuals, aged 15-25 in Ontario, living with mental health issues. The aim of Just Be You is to increase overall mental wellness in youth through a combination of peer support and social recreational activities that encourage young people to:

- Explore their strengths - Develop self-esteem - Learn wellness strategies - Share insights with others in a safe space, free from judgement or stigma - Meet other youth in the same community - Develop friendships - Just Be Youth!

Nearly 1 in 5 youth will be impacted and only 1 in 4 will get the help they need. The effects of mental illness can be devastating on self-esteem, self-confidence, social connections, and in return one’s potential. 

Just Be You serves youth facing multiple barriers of isolation, stigma, finances, illness and transportation. Just Be You provides early intervention for youth not currently connected with services, waitlist support for those waiting for services, and ongoing support for those trying to maintain wellness. Funds raised at this year’s Knobby Tire Trek for Kids will help support and grow the Just Be You program, giving hope to all those affected.