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Q: What if running a 5K or walking a 2K just isn't my jam - but I love camp and want to help raise money to support our summer campers?

A: The Road Race is for everyone, not just runners! All that is required to participate is a love for the mission and campers we serve. Anyone can help raise money and awareness for Camp Sunshine through the Road Race, whether you will be at Summer Camp or supporting as a virtual runner.

Q: How do I make sure all the donations I receive show up on the Road Race website?

A: We will be relying on the Road Race website as the official tracker for all fundraising results. The fundraising total shown on the Road Race website on race day will be the number that gets painted on the banner each week. And the leaderboards on the Road Race website will be used to announce the different fundraising winners on Race Day.

To ensure your personal page and our Road Race website reflects all the awesome donations you have received, be sure to do the following:

  • When fundraising online, direct your donors to the link for your personal fundraising page on the Road Race website
  • Enter all cash or checks you collect as offline donations on your race page (including sponsorships!)
  • Treat any donations you receive through a Facebook Fundraiser or social media as an offline donation*
  • If you are collecting donations through your personal payment app (like Venmo, PayPal, etc.) you can record those as an offline donation*

*Please note that Camp Sunshine can only provide tax acknowledgement receipt for donations we 

directly receive from the donor in the form of cash/check/credit card.

Q: How do I fundraise on Facebook and other social media sites?

A: The recommended (and easiest) way is to create a post/story/reel and share the link to your participant page on the Road Race website. That will direct all your donors to your personal fundraising page where they will make their donation through the Road Race website (not within the social media site.) If you choose to instead create a Facebook Fundraiser then your donor's gift will be made through Facebook and will not show up on the Road Race website unless you enter it as an offline donation. Click here for more information on Facebook Fundraising. 

Q: How do I create or join a team?

A: We love team fundraising for the Road Race! You can join or start a team when you register as a participant. And, if you have already registered you can easily join or start a team at anytime. Check out this how-to video for more details on making a team.

Q: How do I earn points for the leaderboards?

A: The leaderboards are a fun way to track all kinds of successes in fundraising and outreach - from recruiting new participants, sharing a blog or photo on your page, completing challenges, and of course getting donations! Check out our video library to learn more about how you can take part in all the fun.

  • Recruiting - 50 points for each participant recruited
  • Fundraising - 1 point for every dollar raised (and you get double points when you make a donation to your own page)
  • Social - 10 points for each photo posted on your participant page
  • Social - 25 points for each video posted on your participant page
  • Activity - 50 points for creating a tribute page
  • Activity - 100 points for hosting your own fundraising event
  • Activity - 25 points for telling your story
  • Activity - 25 points for completing a challenge
  • Activity - 50 points for keeping a blog

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