About Lip Sync 4 Lymphoma (L4L)

We encourage everyone to participate by posting themselves lip sync one of their favourite songs, for 30 seconds or less. Register and upload your video, then challenge and share with your friends and family. Everyone is encouraged to vote. 

Votes cost $1 and all proceeds are directed towards London Health Sciences Centre. The top three winners will receive cash prizes of; 1st $1,000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250.

As a Lymphoma patient sees so many different areas within the hospital, funds will be dispersed among a variety of programs with a portion being directed towards Lymphoma research. 

By getting involved, you can help change the outcome for a Lymphoma patient.

Contest Rules:

- Videos can not be graphic in nature or derogatory. General audience viewing 

- You are posting your video on behalf of yourself

- Videos need to be 100MB or less


Starts at:  July 10, 2019 4:30 PM
Ends at:  October 17, 2019 8:30 PM


Centennial Hall
550 Wellington St.
London,, ON N6A 3P9 Canada


Erin Stimac

Why Participate?

Blood cancers are on the rise in Canada. The number of Canadians living with, or are in remission from blood cancer has increased by 25% from 2014 to 2016.

With YOUR help, and through L4L, we want to help Lymphoma and blood cancer patients in Southwestern Ontario by supporting London Health Sciences Centre!

How Your Support Makes a Difference

With your help and partnership we can continue to expand the life span and quality of life once diagnosed and help support Lymphoma cancer programs and patients at the LRCP.

The LRCP has always had a strong commitment to not only research, but to applying groundbreaking discoveries to patient care in order to help save lives. The LRCP's ability to continue to provide world-class patient care hinges on the expertise of our health care staff, the quality of our research, and the state-of-art-technology we use to investigate, diagnose and treat disease. 

Through medical advancement and donors like you, the proportion of people who are diagnosed with Lymphoma cancers, live five or more years after diagnosis. This has increased significantly over the past decade.

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